V-TD07-001 (Sample)

Docking Deletor, Greion (V Series)

Alien (エイリアン Eirian) is a race found in the Nova Grappler, Dimension Police, Etranger, and Link Joker clans. Alien is a generic label used to refer to any form of life not native to Cray, and thus many of them congregate in the clans of Star Gate. Aliens come in a wide variety of forms, and some are even indistinguishable from humans.

In Nova Grappler, aliens serve as combatants in the Nova Grapple, and many of Nova Grappler's prominent units are aliens, but they tend to take a backseat to Nova Grappler's battleroids. Aliens are more prominent in Dimension Police, with two of Dimension Police's factions, the Enigmen and Cosmic Monsters (including Zeal) being composed of aliens. The aliens of Link Joker compose the Deletor sub-clan.

List of Aliens

Grade 0

Card Name Clan Type
Demon-eye Monster, Gorgon Dimension Police Trigger unit (Critical)
Diamond Ace (V Series) Dimension Police Trigger unit (Draw)
Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Dissection Monster, Kaizon Dimension Police Trigger unit (Heal)
Enigman Fall Dimension Police Trigger unit (Critical)
Enigman Feign Dimension Police Trigger unit (Heal)
Enigman Mistral Dimension Police Trigger unit (Draw)
Enigman Sunset Dimension Police Trigger unit (Critical)
Enigman Warm Dimension Police Trigger unit (Draw)
Gem Monster, Jewelmine Dimension Police Trigger unit (Draw)
Justice Cobalt Dimension Police Trigger unit (Critical)
Justice Gold Dimension Police Trigger unit (Critical)
Justice Rose Dimension Police Trigger unit (Heal)
Noise Monster, Decibelon Dimension Police Trigger unit (Stand)
Enigman Flow Dimension Police
Enigman Zephyr Dimension Police
Hypnotism Monster, Nechoroly Dimension Police
Larva Beast, Zeal Dimension Police
Biting Deletor, Geeva Link Joker Trigger unit (Critical)
Cramping Deletor, Edy Link Joker Trigger unit (Stand)
Exulting Deletor, Maestol Link Joker Trigger unit (Draw)
Marching Deletor, Maze Link Joker Trigger unit (Critical)
Override Deletor, Olg Link Joker Trigger unit (Critical)
Polypod Deletor, Oloron Link Joker Trigger unit (Stand)
Rendering Deletor, Efames Link Joker Trigger unit (Stand)
Squeezing Deletor, Id Link Joker Trigger unit (Draw)
Taunting Deletor, Gotho Link Joker Trigger unit (Heal)
Acquire Deletor, Igor Link Joker
Flutter Deletor, Zuiije Link Joker
Natatorial Deletor, Nie Link Joker
Sprout Deletor, Luchi Link Joker
Sprout Deletor, Luchi (V Series) Link Joker
Drone Baron Nova Grappler Trigger unit (Draw)
Mega Hammer Lady Nova Grappler Trigger unit (Draw)
Mirror Image, Gesolaz Nova Grappler Trigger unit (Stand)
Red Card Dealer Nova Grappler Trigger unit (Stand)
Red Lightning Nova Grappler Trigger unit (Critical)
Subliminal Gray Nova Grappler Trigger unit (Stand)
Totem Brothers Nova Grappler Trigger unit (Draw)
Toughness Jane Nova Grappler Trigger unit (Heal)

Grade 1

Card Name Clan Type
Beam Monster, Raidrum Dimension Police
Commander Laurel Dimension Police
Commander Laurel (V Series) Dimension Police
Diamond Ace Dimension Police Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Enigman Blanc Dimension Police
Enigman Calm Dimension Police Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Enigman Cloud Dimension Police
Enigman Ripple Dimension Police
Enigman Squall Dimension Police
Enigman Swirl Dimension Police
Evolution Monster, Davain Dimension Police
Eye of Destruction, Zeal Dimension Police
Foxy Charmy Dimension Police
Glory Maker Dimension Police
Heat Ray Monster, Gigabolt Dimension Police
Lady Skylark Dimension Police
Miracle Pretty Dimension Police
Mysterious Navy Admiral, Gogoth Dimension Police
Psychic Grey Dimension Police
Reducing Monster, Weaking Dimension Police
Breaking Deletor, Gatario Link Joker
Breaking Deletor, Gatario (V Series) Link Joker
Chewing Deletor, Boroh Link Joker
Deriding Deletor, Aieda Link Joker
Embroil Deletor, Jaerga Link Joker
Ferment Deletor, Gaen Link Joker
Ferment Deletor, Gaen (V Series) Link Joker
Hire Deletor, Farwon Link Joker
Idolizing Deletor, Guim Link Joker
Ill-fate Deletor, Drown Link Joker
Instill Deletor, Ender Link Joker Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Looting Deletor, Gunec Link Joker
Looting Deletor, Gunec (V Series) Link Joker
Lurk Deletor, Elinge Link Joker
Overeat Deletor, Onagil Link Joker
Poisonous Deletor, Edda Link Joker
Refusing Deletor, Evil Link Joker Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Remove Deletor, Igalga Link Joker Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Resenting Deletor, Vuera Link Joker
Trick Deletor, Zaog Link Joker
Aura Baller Nova Grappler
Clay-doll Chariot Nova Grappler
Clay-doll Mechanic Nova Grappler
Cray Soldier Nova Grappler
Defending Goddess Nova Grappler Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Lady Cyclone Nova Grappler Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout Nova Grappler
Stoic Hani Nova Grappler

Grade 2

Card Name Clan Type
Assault Monster, Gunrock Dimension Police
Devourer of Planets, Zeal Dimension Police
Enigman Crescent Dimension Police
Enigman Helm Dimension Police
Enigman Night Sky Dimension Police
Enigman Sirocco Dimension Police
Enigman Wave Dimension Police
Fusion Monster, Bugreed Dimension Police
Ionization Monster, Plazm Dimension Police
Menacing Monster, Golmenas Dimension Police
Miracle Cutie Dimension Police
Platinum Ace Dimension Police
Shock Monster, Vipple Dimension Police
Blaster Keroro Etranger
Blaster Keroro Dark Etranger
Bloating Deletor, Gio Link Joker
Bloating Deletor, Gio (V Series) Link Joker
Brazen Deletor, Gohgai Link Joker
Clipping Deletor, Evo Link Joker
Clipping Deletor, Evo (V Series) Link Joker
Depose Deletor, Gelora Link Joker
Forbid Deletor, Zakuelad Link Joker
Greedy Deletor, Jail Link Joker
Hailing Deletor, Alba Link Joker
Hailing Deletor, Alba (V Series) Link Joker
Hailing Deletor, Elro Link Joker
Hailing Deletor, Elro (V Series) Link Joker
Juxtapose Deletor, Gaele Link Joker
Lie-down Deletor, Given Link Joker
Peeling Deletor, Progue Link Joker
Punishment Deletor, Gieron Link Joker
Pursuing Deletor, Egotte Link Joker
Racer Deletor, Baird Link Joker
Rotting Deletor, Izret Link Joker
Swift Deletor, Geali Link Joker
Swift Deletor, Geali (V Series) Link Joker
Babyface, Narcissus Nova Grappler
Cool Hank Nova Grappler
Esteemed Champion Nova Grappler
Extra Muscular Nova Grappler
Hungry Dumpty Nova Grappler
Marvelous Hani Nova Grappler
Street Bouncer Nova Grappler
Super Electromagnetic Lifeform, Storm Nova Grappler

Grade 3

Card Name Clan Type
Elegance Feather Dimension Police
Enigman Cyclone Dimension Police
Enigman Gigastorm Dimension Police
Enigman Megacurrent Dimension Police
Enigman Rain Dimension Police
Enigman Shine Dimension Police
Enigman Storm Dimension Police
Enigman Tornado Dimension Police
Galactic Beast, Zeal Dimension Police
Interdimensional Ninja, Tsukikage Dimension Police
Lady Justice Dimension Police
Miracle Beauty Dimension Police
Miracle Beauty (V Series) Dimension Police
New Era Beast, Zeal Dimension Police
Original Saver, Zero Dimension Police
Space Leviathan, Dogrumadra Dimension Police
Subterranean Beast, Magma Lord Dimension Police
Incandescent Lion, Keroro Ezel Etranger
Confront Deletor, Jagwokk Link Joker
Darkjet Deletor, Greiend Link Joker
Daunting Deletor, Oksizz Link Joker
Diverging Deletor, Newark Link Joker
Docking Deletor, Greion Link Joker
Docking Deletor, Greion (V Series) Link Joker
Howling Deletor, Fruet Link Joker
Hack Deletor, Greigiil Link Joker
Juxtapose Deletor, Zaele Link Joker
Mashing Deletor, Gaon Link Joker
Mixed Deletor, Keios Link Joker
Penetrate Deletor, Iggy Link Joker
Penetrate Deletor, Iggy (V Series) Link Joker
Planetary Corpse King, Brandt Link Joker
Squirm Deletor, Lourelou Link Joker
Waving Deletor, Greidhol Link Joker
Dr. Angstrom Nova Grappler
Envoy of Righteousness, Crystaldevil Nova Grappler
Hollow Nomad Nova Grappler
Infinite Corrosion Form, Death Army Cosmo Lord Nova Grappler
Miss Splendor Nova Grappler
Miss Splendor (V Series) Nova Grappler
Moai the Great Nova Grappler
Mr. Invincible Nova Grappler
Muscle Hercules Nova Grappler
Muscle Shriek Nova Grappler
Nobody from Olmeca Nova Grappler
Quad Gigas Nova Grappler
Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord Nova Grappler

Grade 4

Card Name Clan Type
Dark Superhuman, Omega Dimension Police G unit (Stride)
Dark Superhuman, Pretty Cat Dimension Police G unit (Stride)
Enigman Patriot Dimension Police G unit (G guardian)
Great Galactic Beast, Zeal Dimension Police G unit (G guardian)
Great Galactic Governor, Commander Laurel D Dimension Police G unit (Stride)
Super Giant of Light, Enigman Crossray Dimension Police G unit (Stride)
Blaming Deletor, Ibiores Link Joker G unit (G guardian)
Deliberate Deletor, Aodaien Link Joker G unit (Stride)
Original Deletor, Egorg Link Joker G unit (Stride)
Original Deletor, Gaoield Link Joker G unit (Stride)
Righteous Superhuman, Blue Prison Nova Grappler G unit (G guardian)
Vertex Giant, Moai The Supreme Nova Grappler G unit (Stride)