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"Aqua Force" (アクアフォース Akua Fōsu) is a clan from the Magallanica nation based on naval (sea based) militaries. Aqua Force is a heavily offensive clan that focuses on gaining as many attacks per turn as possible and gaining additional advantage from doing so by using skills that activate depending on the number of battles that have occurred that turn (as well as some defensive abilities that activate depending on the battle in the opponent's turn), both by attacking on or above a certain number of battles, or by counting the number of battles made prior. They have many ways of doing this, including standing rear-guards, and demoting/promoting and/or switching units, during the battle phase. Cardfight!! Vanguard G introduced Aqua Force units that can attack from the back row with their ability, and some units that replace themselves with cards from the deck.

The most obvious advantage with this is more attacks inherently means more opportunities to deal damage, but another perk of their attacks is that they will force a higher number of cards to be defended than most other clans. Due to the most of their 'ace' cards typically requiring a minimum of 3 rear-guard attacks before their skills can be activated, the power-cost ratio of these skills is a lot more forgiving than many other clans, as getting 4 attacks in a turn will almost certainly require a decent field and a few key, specific units.

Their new Keyword is "Wave".

The Aqua Force naval military is led by Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom, although he is looking towards Thavas and Genovious to be the future leaders, as he views their comrade-caring attitudes as values that are too absent at present.

Due to their dependence on rear-guards when performing their multi-attack turns, Aqua Force has difficult match-ups against field control decks, such as Link Joker, Kagero, Megacolony and Narukami.

Leon SoryuJillian Chen and Sharlene Chen use this clan in the anime. Jaime Alcaraz uses this clan in Cardfight!! Vanguard G.


Aqua Force of Present Times (CotD 25/12/2014)

Aqua Force of the present Cray focused on the patrol, administration and conservation of marine environments, as well as the suppression of pirate activities and riots on shorelines. Though there isn't any war great enough to threaten Cray, they never ignore daily training so as to prepare themselves for any accidents. They know that disasters, be them natural or man-made ones, are possible to occur at any moment.

Commander Max, of the force lead by Rear Admiral Thavas, was patrolling the ocean. There were ignorable incidents such as the capturing of a suspicious duo, but the ocean was otherwise calm. However, just after that, they would be forced to witness a "natural disaster" that could outshine even the strongest storm...

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