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Battle Sister, Monaka

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Battle Sister, Monaka
バトルシスター もなか
Name Battle Sister, Monaka
Japanese (Kana) バトルシスター もなか
Phonetic Batoru Shisutā Monaka
Unit Type Normal Unit
Grade / Skill Grade 3 / Sk twindrive Twin Drive!!
Power 11000
Critical ★1
Nation Co united United Sanctuary
Clan Oracle Think Tank
Race Elf
Trigger None
Illust おにねこ
Card Set(s)
  • Mystical Magus - EB07/003 (RR) - EB07/S03 (SP)
    EB07/003EN (RR) - EB07/S03EN (SP)
Card Flavor(s)
(RR): Reading the heavens, understanding the earth, slashing the enemy...... behold, Divine Aura Release!
(SP): The lake's surface, ripples the reflection of the moon... Monaka, heading out!
Card Effect(s)
[ACT](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter Blast (1) & Choose a card named "Battle Sister, Monaka" from your hand, and discard it] Look at five cards from the top of your deck, search for two cards from among them, put them into your hand, and put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.
[ACT](VC):[Counter Blast (2)-card with "Battle Sister" in its card name] This unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of turn.
[CONT](VC/RC): Lord (If you have a unit without a same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)
Tournament Status
ENG Not Limited
JPN Not Limited
KRN Not Limited
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