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The Bermuda Triangle, written as Bermuda △ in Japanese version and Korean version (バミューダトライアングル Bamyūda Toraianguru), are a clan from the nation of Magallanica that consists of mermaid pop idols. Bermuda Triangle was also the first clan given an extra booster set that was completely centered around them, and are unique in that nearly all of their cards were released in extra boosters.

Drive Quartet (Full Art)


Bermuda Triangle's playstyle revolves primarily around returning your units from the field to the hand in order to re-assemble your field or gain effects. Most effects related to returning these units to hand involves gaining additional power and drawing more cards. A good reason for re-assembling columns would be having them become in "Harmony", which is the clan's keyword involving gaining effects from calling units in the same column as a unit with the keyword.

Duo and Pacifica each add additional goals to accomplish accompanying the main mechanic. Duos require multiple copies of units for some effects, so they also stress cloning their units to get these effects off. Pacifica on the other hand has support largely centered around collecting different units with "Pacifica" in their card name in your hand.

Riviere and Raindear don't not have much direct support centered around returning units to the hand. Riviere support mostly centers on giving power to multiple units and a Legion unit that restands. Raindear does have support involving returning your units to the hand, but it is overshadowed by effects that trigger when a Grade 3 unit is revealed during your Drive Check.


What is Bermuda Triangle

"Bermuda Triangle" is the globally popular mermaid idol group which is active in the deep seas of marine nation "Magallanica". Their skills of singing and charming magic are their selling point, and it is difficult to obtain their sea surface lives' tickets. It is said that the days their lives are globally broadcast are "days where no bullets are shot in any place of the world".

"Triangle Academy", the Idols' Gateway to Success (Monthly Bushiroad July 2015)

"Triangle Academy", the Idols' Gateway to Success, is an academic institute established for the purpose of cultivating top idols of the next generation, and only chosen girls who have finished their cadet period are permitted to enter the academy. It is said that this academy holds two secret treasures left by the founders. "Twinkle Powder", the mysterious powder which could grant "legs" to mermaids by sprinkling over their tails. "Prism Pearl", the magical pearls that allows mermaids to produce their "voices" on land. The two secret treasures are granted to the teams who win "School Etoile Festa (a.k.a. SEF)", the annual live event in the academy. In addition, the winning team can go to a foreign nation they choose (limited to friendly nations) and perform live events in that nation. Because the nations would send top-level security teams which all members possess strength equal to those of knightly orders' masters, no harm would be dealt to the idols even if they are involved in troubles. Some treat this opportunity as stepping stones to raise their popularities, some treat this opportunity as mere chances to travel to nations they wish to go---this is varied. Nevertheless, it is no mistake that winning in SEF is the first and biggest target of the academy's idols.

What is the "Wedding Project"? (Monthly Bushiroad July 2016)

It is a big event held every decade in "Bermuda Triangle". Omitting trivial regulations and simply to put, it is an event which idols dress in wedding dresses and take part in various events. From top idols to newcomers, all idols who have debuted can fact, it can be considered a popularity poll of all "Bermuda Triangle" idols. The wedding project is not dominated by top idols, and there are many cases that newcomer idols being chosen. As the Wedding Project is launched, all production agencies stake their prestiges and try their very best with their respective idols to strive for votes.

Known/Notable Fighters

Sets containing Bermuda Triangle cards

Booster Sets:

Trial Decks:

Extra Booster Sets:

Clan Booster Sets:

Fighters Collection:

Revival Collection


Shared Races


List of Bermuda Triangle cards

Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4


  • In the Jounetsu-ism ending of the anime, the deck that the viewer uses when shuffling decks with Aichi Sendou is a Bermuda Triangle deck. The deck shows to contain Mermaid Idol, Flute, Top Idol, Aqua, Top Idol, Riviere, and finally Top Idol, Pacifica.
  • This clan is named after the Bermuda Triangle, a region of the ocean infamous for its ship and aircraft disappearances. This may also be the inspiration for Bermuda Triangle's mechanics, as Bermuda Triangle frequently returns its units return to the hand, which can be characterized as "disappearing".
  • This is one of the two clans, the other being Megacolony, to consist of only one race (in this case, Mermaid).
  • Most Bermuda Triangle units are named after bodies of water, or terms referring to bodies of water. For example, Top Idol, Pacifica is named after the Pacific Ocean, and Duo True Sister, Meer is named after the Dutch word for lake, meer.
  • The Drive Quartets are named as such because they consist of four (hence the Quartet) triggers (hence the Drive).
  • Bermuda Triangle is one of 13 clans which does not have at least one Яeverse unit.

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