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Knight of Harvest, Gene

"Bioroid" is a race currently unique to the Neo Nectar clan.

There are no effects related to this specific race so far.


Who are the Bioroids? (Card of the Day 16th February 2015)

They are humanoids residing in the green nation "Neo Nectar". These sentient flora combine high intelligence and life force of plants, and they are crucial to administration, security and military of Neo Nectar. The technology of creating new lives using factors and mana of plants---precisely speaking, it isn't creating lives from nothing, but it generates body based on plants based on the same principle of the birth of Dryads. Many Bioroids are generated in the shape of adults, and they can increase their number in a way similar to cloning. The technology was originally a product of the research carried out by highly-ranked Dryads, and now the technology is administrated by researchers of Bioroids.

List of Bioroids


Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

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