Black Horned King, Bullpower Agrius
こっかくおう ブルパワー・アグリアス
Name Black Horned King, Bullpower Agrius
Kanji 黒角王 ブルパワー・アグリアス
Kana こっかくおう ブルパワー・アグリアス
Phonetic Kokkakuō Burupawā Aguriasu
Card Type G Unit
Grade / Skill Grade 4 / Sk tripledrive Triple Drive!!!
Power 15000+
Critical Critical icon1
Nation Co dark Dark Zone
Clan Spike Brothers
Race Ogre
Trigger Effect None
Illust タカヤマトシアキ
Card Set(s)
Card Flavor(s)
This needs to be translated.
Card Effect(s)
[Stride]-Stride Step-[Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
[AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (1) & Choose a face down card from your G zone with the same card name as this unit, and turn it face up] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose any number of your rear-guards, and bind them face up. If three or more cards were bound, draw a card, choose up to two cards from your bind zone for each face up card in your G zone, and call them to separate open (RC).
Tournament Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
KR Unlimited
TH Unlimited
IT Unlimited
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