• Adreus666


    Grade 3 x9

    Perfect Raizer x4

    Asura Kaiser x3

    Maximum Raizer x2

    Grade 2 x11

    Burstraizer x4

    Iron Killer x4

    Boomerang Thrower x3

    Grade 1 x13

    Custom Raizer x4

    Transraizer x3

    Jetraizer x4

    Death Army Guy x2

    Grade 0 x17

    Battleraizer x1 SVG

    Cannon Ball x4 FRONT

    Turboraizer x4 FRONT

    Twin Blader x4 DRAW SENTINEL

    Wall Boy x4 HEAL

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  • Adreus666


    Grade 3 x9

    Imperial Daughter x3

    CEO Amaterasu x4

    Victorious Deer x2

    Grade 2 x11

    Silent Tom x4

    Promise Daughter x4

    Goddess of Insight, Sotoorihime x3

    Grade 1 x13

    Circle Magus x4

    Oracle Guardian, Gemini x4

    Farfalle Magus x3

    Luck Bird x2

    Grade 0 x17

    Lozenge Magus x1 SVG

    Psychic Bird x4 CRIT

    Oracle Guardian, Nike x4 CRIT

    Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist x4 DRAW SENTINEL

    Sphere Magus x4 HEAL

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  • SpectualEnvoyHaken

    So just a sample quick list of what my nova v build may be like

    G0(3)-Battle Raizer (starter)

    x 2 Cat butler

    Triggers (16)

    x 4 Wall boy

    x 4 Twin blader (PG)

    x 4 TurboRaizer

    x 1 Three minute

    x 3 Shining lady

    G3 (8)

    x 4 Battle door fighter

    x 4 Perfect Raizer

    G2 (12)

    x 4 Burst Raizer 

    x 4 High powered Raizer Custom 

    x 3 Boomerang thrower 

    x 1 Cup bowler

    G1 (11)

    x 4 Raizer custom 

    x 3 Rocket hammerman 

    x 2 Death army guy

    x 2 Jet Raizer

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  • Toonstar23

    So with the reveal of Silent Tom (V), and the speculation of strength coming from Royal Paladin, I want to try something out. The premise is simple: for any clan, make a card for the V Era that is ok on its own, but may end up being very powerful, insane, or borderline broken in Premium. Try and not make it too obvious, be creative! Bonus points for not spoiling the interactions and implications. I look forward to read y'all insane ideas for Premium!

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  • Cardcollector21

    Hi! I've been playing Vanguard for about 2 years already (since G-era) and I'm building a standard Royal Paladin deck. Came up with a deck but need some suggestions and opinions. Hope you can help me!



    Grade 3:

    2 Alfred Early

    2 Soul Saver Dragon

    4 King of Knights, Alfred

    Grade 2:

    4 Blaster Blade

    1 Conjurer of Mithril

    2 Knight of Silence, Gallatin

    4 High Dog Breeder, Akane

    Grade 1:

    3 Lion Mane Stallion

    3 Little Sage, Marron

    4 Pongal

    4 Wingal

    Grade 0:

    4 Bringer of Good Luck, Epona

    4 Flash Shield, Iseult (Sentinel)

    4 Flogal

    4 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine

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  • Kadukeus

    Okay, this is my very first blog post since I joined the wiki a few years ago and english is not my native laguage, so... this post's quality will probably be bad. 

    Anyway, many of you will remember Mooshra's Vanguard template . I have been using it for quite some time, and when the V series was announced, I knew that changes in the template would be needed to create new fan-made cards. Knowing that Mooshra is probably not going to update the tamplate, I tried to do it myself.

    I've been trying to get new icons, and it looks pretty good, even if I say so myself. All grade, trigger, shield and imaginary gift Icons have been added, as well as the new Normal unit and Trigger unit layouts.

    Only proper Cost, C-Blast/Charge, S-Blast/Charge icons, a …

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  • Adreus666


    Grade 3 x8

    Soul Saver Dragon x4

    King of Knights, Alfred x4

    Grade 2 x11

    Blaster Blade x4

    High Dog Breeder, Akane x4

    Sage of the Arts, Jauron x3

    Grade 1 x14

    Little Sage, Marron x4

    Knight Squire, Allen x3

    Lion Mane Stallion x3

    Pongal x4

    Grade 0 x17

    Glyme x1 SVG

    Bringer of Good Luck, Epona x4 CRIT

    Flogal x4 CRIT

    Flash Shield, Iseult x4 DRAW SENTINEL

    Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine x4 HEAL

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  • Xophix

    Savero Dogoro Deckero

    May 21, 2018 by Xophix

    Because Blaster and Alfred need some time off together... :-P

    Grade 3 (8)
    Gigantech Charger x2
    Soul Saver Dragon x4
    Stardrive Dragon x2

    Grade 2 (11)
    Funelgal x3
    High Dog Breeder, Akane x4
    High Dog Breeder, Seiran x4

    Grade 1 (14)
    Knight Squire, Allen x4
    Little Sage, Marron x4
    Miru Biru x2
    Pongal x4

    Grade 0 (17)
    Bringer of Good Luck, Epona x4
    Flash Shield, Iseult x4
    Flogal x4
    Glyme x1 (SVG)
    Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine x4

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  • Ninjachado

    G0 -- 17
    • 1x Glyme
    • 4x Flash Shield, Iseult (DRAW) [Sentinel]
    • 4x Flogal (CRITICAL)
    • 4x Bringer of Good Luck, Epona (CRITICAL)
    • 4x Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (HEAL)
    G1 -- 14
    • 4x Pongal
    • 4x Little Sage, Marron
    • 3x Knight Squire, Allen
    • 3x Wingal
    G2 -- 11
    • 4x Blaster Blade
    • 4x Sage of Arts, Jauron
    • 3x High Dog Breeder, Akane
    G3 -- 8
    • 4x King of Knights, Alfred
    • 2x Stardrive Dragon
    • 2x Soul Saver Dragon

    So, brief explanation. Every deck needs a vision, and the idea here is similar to one I played in old Royal Paladin, which is just a simple magic number beatdown that culminates in a Soul Saver Turn. The deck sacrifices a lot of the Superior Call mechanics in favor of units that can hit 23K or better with little or no cost, feeding off Marron and Allen's draw abilities when play…

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  • Ninjachado

    Hello everyone! We all were in aw of Nova Grappler as they revealed their first couple cards in V BT-01, and then as everybody else got cards revealed, people seemed to think that Novas....weren't as good. But we're here to prove them wrong! Below I'll go over a rough deckbuild and a winning image for a "Perfect Raizer" Turn 3 8 Swing Attack Guide.

    • Perfect Raizer on the VG, with 2 or more Soul, preferably both "Raizer" cards.
    • 1x Battleraizer
    • 1x Burstraizer
    • 1x Hi Powered Raizer Custom
    • 1x Raizer Custom
    • 4 Damage Face Up.

    That's it! The pieces needed are very specific, but you really only NEED two specific cards (BurstRaizer and Hi Powered Raizer Custom). Raizer Custom makes the combo deadlier, but you CAN do 8 attacks without him. Battleraizer will …

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