• Silvermaxus253

    Hey, all. Thought I'd talk about the deck that I brought with me to regionals, especially considering the reveal of a certain card returning to the Liberators. I love this deck so darn much. Golds have been my main clan for about 4 years now, and I have always loved playing with these cards. I used to play a Garmore/Alfred build back during Limit Break era, but once Percival hit the scene, I switched to Bluish Flames and never looked back. Honestly, I think this deck is decently strong. It seems to be able to hold its own in the Early game, and it does have some good late game options that it can use. It's not a perfect deck, but it's still a great deck nonetheless. Regardless, let's get into the deck profile.

    Flaming Passion Liberator, Gui…

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  • Shadexero

    Well, it's the day after Richmond regionals, and despite some huge errors on my part, it went pretty well. 

    A minor important note: this regional was literally the day after set 12 release, so some people were in a scramble to finish decks on time, and half of the players were either expecting the set 12 meta to impact this regional, or didn't know what would change with this set and weren't prepared. Either way, we'd be the first ones to show off the new set.

    I ran ZTB for the regional, and without further ado, here's how my days went:

    Friday / Day 0:

    I start off the day slightly tilted because my fourth sp Gearnext didn't arrive in time, but my friend's letting me borrow a rrr. I drive up to Vancouver with my friends from Seattle to stay at …

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  • Sol Kage

    Sol's Zodiac Time Beasts

    October 16, 2017 by Sol Kage

    So I completed my Zodiac Deck at Regionals with the Set 12 stuff, but I'm not the biggest expert on the deck so I wanted to get some feedback.

    Here's what I'm currently running.

    Grade 0's (18)

    1x Chrono Dran (SVG)

    1x Chrono Dran G

    4x Chronovolley Rabbit (Critical)

    4x Pulsar, Thruster Bison (Critical)

    4x Pulsar, Hypnosis Sheep (Stand)

    4x Chronotherapy Hamster (Heal)

    Grade 1's (14)

    4x Pulsar, Revolver Dracokid

    4x Pulsar, Transit Dragon

    4x Steam Tamer, Arka

    2x Pulsar Tamer, Hegald

    Grade 2's (11)

    3x Pulsar, Spearhead Unicorn

    3x Pulsar, Cruising Dragon

    3x Pulsar, Duplex Dragon

    2x Pulsar, Rewind Tiger

    Grade 3's (7)

    4x Chronojet Dragon G

    2x Pulsar, Obstinacy Ox

    1x Pulsar, Replenish Coatl

    Grade 4's (16)

    2x Metapulsar, Split Pegasus

    4x Chronodragon Gearnext

    4x Metapulsar, A…

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  • CFDrewbert

    My Lieta Struggle

    October 16, 2017 by CFDrewbert

    Ok, so I've been testing Lieta quite a bit recently which also means messing around with main deck choices and ratios. And I have to say, I like using her as a finisher with Katrina and Thuria (as Tokoha showed us in her fight against Verno), but it's also the hardest/most conditional to pull off. Having 3 Katrinas in deck and 1 in soul and at least 2 thurias in deck and 1 in soul (this isn't so much a problem but it's still a necessary condition) by GB5 is truly a struggle.

    I've also found that Dianne offers the most consistency but doesn't always reach the"Neo Nectar Numbers" that we've all come to love.

    Odette does what Katrina does but half (or technically less than half) as powerful and twice as consistent which is an interesting trad…

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  • Silvermaxus253

    Hey, all. Silver here. So, I went to the Regionals in Richmond, British Columbia, as I go to college in northern Washington and it takes only an hour to get up there. I was on the fence between using my Time Leap deck (as I can't make the jump to ZTB quite yet) and my prized Bluish Flames (which I dubbed the Knights of Spam-a-lot), but in the end I ended up going with the tried and true Gold Paladin. While I felt my cardfight skills were on point that day... well... let's just see the results...

    Round 1: Scharhrot (Win)

    Now THIS was an intense fight. I opened my hand with all the grades I needed, but kept getting 1s and 0s meaning that I couldn't stride. I ended up going into Core which he used Ericrius on me to take out two of my Rearguards…

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  • Phantagonist

    Greetings, it's me, Phantagonist.

    Here we go, the review of the first episode of Dies irae main story.

    NOTE: Include spoilers of this episode. 


    Episode 1 basically talks about the daily life of Ren Fujii, a.k.a. Ren-tan, before being crushed by the unwelcomed intruders. For some reasons, he and his close friend Shirou Yusa broke into a fight. He returned to his favourite "daily life" after two whole months of hospitalization, mourning for the time passed by, and that was the beginning of the main story.

    And that's the showtime for our heroines, just like basically all the gal-games anime adaptation go (though Dies irae is not really a gal-game)...

    Welcoming Ren on the street was Kasumi Ayase, a.k.a. Bakasumi. Don't get me wrong, she was cal…

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  • Sol Kage

    So Richmond Regionals was this weekend.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I was entering with Dragonic Blademaster.  Here's how my tournament went.

    Day 1

    Round 1 vs Blasters: WIN: This guy claims he's only been playing a month but I didn't notice any real misplays for the most part and the guy did fairly well after losing to me.  His Grade 2 turn he had a field of Spirit (VG), boosted by Wingal Youth, G2 Llew boosted by Barcgal and a Flogal Crit on the board.  I was lucky in that I managed to hit a damage trigger and he hit no triggers so this rush attempt fizzled.  He strode first and went into Gancelot but checked no triggers.  I G Guarded to get to GB3 on my first Stride and went into Ziegenburg.  He two to passed my VG and I went all i…

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  • Zelphrin

    Narukami: Vanquisher Elite

    October 15, 2017 by Zelphrin

    Deleting my old Narukami blog post, and rewriting it for the 2017 G-BT12 season.  On day one, I have the completed deck thanks to friends pitching in for an "almost" case.  Strangely... out of 15 boxes, only 3 Ichikishima were pulled lol.  Anyways, here's the new deck!

    G4 - The g-zone is now almost exclusively Vanquisher as VMAX and VBUSTER arrives on the scene (compared to my last blog post).  

    • 4x Conquering Supreme Dragon, Conquest Dragon
    • 4x Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher "VOLTAGE"
    • 2x Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher "VBUSTER"
    • 1x Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher "VMAX"
    • 1x Conquering Supreme Dragon, Closer Dragon
    • 2x Sky Guardian Supreme Dragon, Impede Dragon
    • 2x Sky Guardian Supreme Dragon, Bulwark Drago…
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  • TheRealCEO

    Just a Fun Post

    October 15, 2017 by TheRealCEO

    Ok, so I found this on Facebook and want to share with you all.

    "When your local scrub tells you what to run in your deck"

    I want to you all to share a story like this. The funnier, the better, of course

    One story I have is from a about a month ago, and the subject revolved around building Blaster Blade post GBT-11. someone asked for suggestions to a specific person. However, the response they got came from an unrelated third party (the scrub in this scenario). He told him "only 4 grade 3s, no stride fodder, you'll win every time". Now, what makes this funny (at least to me) is that he literally never wins any games because of this. He never gets grade stuck, but he constantly discards 2-3 just about every time to stride, always putting him b…

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  • Nightesque
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