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  • Renegadeflash


    March 28, 2017 by Renegadeflash

    Highly appreciated by the voiceless community for folks to downregulate putting up nonsensical items unrelated to any CFV-related information that may be sought after, as this clogs up the wikia activity page (when people are using the desktop version). Same applies for images.

    I've been meaning to put some sort of input regarding these things in many occassions, but I feel there are other self-important folks who aren't exactly part of the considerate group and can't see things beyond their spotlight.

    Yeah, I might be contributing to this mess with this blog, but I'd like to address this issue.

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  • TheHolyJavier

    Best song

    March 28, 2017 by TheHolyJavier

    Best song, though kinda old.

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  • Drake Neko

    As the title implies, this wiki needs its own Power Rangers. Now, here's how it'll work.

    Since Cray is divided into the six nations we all know and grow to love (one or more, but it doesn't matter): United Sanctuary, Dragon Empire, Dark Zone, Zoo, Magallanica, and Star Gate.

    With that, let's nominate people who we believe deserved to represent each nation. For me:

    United Sanctuary: Solistius

    Dragon Empire: Sol Kage

    Dark Zone: Exarch

    Zoo: Emmic

    Magallanica: Slurpy

    Star Gate: Brandy

    Let's hear your nominations, everyone!

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  • British Soul

    Friendly reminder to read before you sign.

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  • Sol Kage

    I'm making a music playlist of mainly anime songs to play at my wedding reception and I'm trying to fill it up and I'm running out of ideas. 

    Please tell me some of your favourite anime songs so I can see if they'll work for me! 

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  • Big Boss Guzma

    All Terrain ZTB

    March 26, 2017 by Big Boss Guzma

    Grade 0s

    x1 Chrono Dran G

    x4 Chronotherapy Hamster

    x4 Pulsar, Rush Boar

    x4 Chronovalley Rabbit

    x4 Pulsar, Hypnosis Sheep - Extremely good effect. Stands have been made better with the new support

    You don't play Heart Thump because a huge booster is generally better than a singular draw.

    Grade 1s

    x4 Steam Tamer, Arka

    x3 Steam Breath Dragon

    x4 Chronocharge Unicorn - Your best G1. It's on call skill and synergy with Jet G make this easily your most useful g1. Pushes columns to magic numbers.

    x3 Chronoethos Jackal - 11k attacker always useful and a call target for Huang-Long.

    Grade 2s

    x4 Pulsar, Speedy Bunny - Your best G2. Let's your columns hit great numbers by itself.

    x4 Pulsar, Shiftbullet Dragon - Reliable 11k-13k attacker. Decently usable effect.

    x3 P…

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  • SuperHighSchoolLevelFighter

    Not yet especially fond of them as a deck yet but since I'm about to come into one on a horrific impulse of spending, I guess I should post a decklist and see if anyone has better ideas. Feedback welcome unless it's a genuinely awful idea.

    Grade 0s:

    x1 Chrono Dran /Chrono Dran G. Regular Chrono Dran doesn't especially play nice with the Melem engine, which is what this needs to run to be as effective as the existing GC deck. I wish I could say otherwise but I'm being realistic. It's a toss up: G to tutor a Melem, or Dran to fetch Chronojet G to turn into 2 other things for Split Pegasus?

    x4 Chronovolley Rabbit. Critical Trigger

    x4 Heart Thump Worker. Staple Chronojet Trigger.

    x3 Pulsar, Rush Boar. Critical Trigger

    x1 Steam Battler, Ur-watar. Bec…

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  • Phantagonist

    Greetings, it's me, Phantagonist.

    ...And I'm going to update about Dies irae again...

    Yes, again(*3), this blog post isn't about Cardfight Vanguard, but Dies irae, the most chuunibyou thing in the world. In case you don't know Dies irae, and haven't read any of my blog post, please check the Kickstarter site for their English localization project .

    Here comes the update. First, the PV of the anime is available (Thank Necrophyton for reminding me)

    Looks amazing, especially for the Golden Beast's smile (the man in blond hair, not referring to Sleimy Flare!). Though I do have some disagreement with Ren's anime costume (the blue-haired protagonist,not referring to Ren Suzugamori!!). The in-game costume looks much better. 

    The anime adaptation is sc…

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  • Drake Neko

    So way back in 2012-2013, I was writing fanfictions...a lot. Though, they were usually one chapter stories that revolve around looking at characters I liked from my main fandoms or just paired characters just for fun.

    The last fanfiction that I wrote that was new and a one shot is this Chrono/Kumi fanfiction.

    Now, back to the 2012 and 2013 years, there were fanfiction critic (and rule enforcing) groups such as Eliminator, Critics United, and Literate Union that roam around and made themselves known.

    When I first got a "review" from a member of Eliminator because one of my stories (if I recall, I have a ton of deleted stories) was breaking the rules of the site, I felt obligated to check out the Eliminator forum and that was the start of me be…

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  • Violet Pluto

    So I have recently (today) have proposed to be the Judge for the local card shop's Cardfight Vanguard shop tourneys. I have already said that I need to read up on the Comprehensive rules, but anything that I need to know specifically for cards/rules that plague current gameplay?

    E.G. I heard that Demetria had some odd ruling pertaining to her skill that disappears after you use it once.

    EDIT: I have to thank everyone for their input, but I hope I'm not missing anything too important when it comes to how cards interact with each other.

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