• Finif

    When I was doing my essay for the American Legion thing, it asked for qualities of a good citizen... So wanted to ask our beloved community,

    What Qualities Should A Cardfighter Have?

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  • MrCFVanguard

    Koutei's Art Gallery

    February 18, 2018 by MrCFVanguard which I pretend this is on-topic because 1 of these is Vanguard fanart

    Anyway, I started drawing last June so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and show some of what I've drawn.

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  • OmnipotentSusanoo

    I didn't expect whatever new mechanic to come out to immediately kill G era because G is just too much to kill with a single set unlike legion>limit break, particularly when a g zone now exists to expand the amount of shiny units you can run.

    However I realised how close the English game will be to the Japanese. 2 weeks gap between the release dates. What is with the sudden release catchup, the gap with Zoo into Star into set 14 is so small for the English release. G era climax too.

    Then I remembered, legion era and late LB4 were some of the times where people avoided buying product because they expected planned obsolenscene and card prices to depreciate.

    Considering how Bushiroad tries to sell power creep, if they plan to reveal the new mec…

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  • Someone Forsaken

    I am in need of help! You see, ever since Kazuma was revealed to have that really nice outfit after being possessed by Gyze, I cannot help but want to draw him. However, I could not seem to make up my mind on what G-Unit should I have in the background along with him.

    I was thinking Dragabyss, Luard since that's his new G-Unit, but at the same time, I was also thinking maybe it'll be better if I actually draw Gyze instead.

    As if this wouldn't get any worse, I'm not sure if I should draw the unit with all the details presented or just go the lazy route and do a silhouette of the G-Unit. 

    Now, as indecisive as I am, I would really appreciate your assistance in helping me with this project. All I need is a vote on the link below. The deadline fo…

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  • DominatetheFreedom

    I have an idea to what the new Vanguard series will look like:

    • Directed by Gen Urobuchi (Rated 17+). After this, back to normal.
    • Music Composer by Kenji Kawai.
    • The animation will be back to its roots. No animation error (Optional), and awkward character visual (Main Priority).
    • Romance Genre. (It is impossible actually. Only this time.)
    • New Mechanic (Still retaining the G Unit)
    • Direct sequel from G Z.
    • Protagonist don't matter. (It's personal preference. You want it to be female, its fine, or you still want to prefer a male, its fine.)
    • A rival that uses a Sub-Clan deck.
    • Don't be like Chrono.
    • What kind of the new sets will be worded? (E-BT01 for example (Stands for Evolution))
    • Okay, what can i say this? Ultra Rare is MIA! We need them back! (Inb4, Kouri…
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  • Toonstar23

    Swole penguins? Noseless, elemental moe waifus? Chef playable? And, it's for the Switch???

    I'm down! Also, kiss it, Nintendo handhelds! Your years of exclusive ownership of Pokemon RPGs now means little to me!!!!

    Anyways, share your excitement and Kirby experiences here. As one that didn't delved a lot in the series(outside of thewanime), I'm curious to know.

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  • TheHolyJavier

    Black Panther is out y'all.

    Yes, I'm a marvel fanboy. 

    CoMe aT mE, i LoVe MaRvEl

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  • OmnipotentSusanoo

    So I wanted to digest things and absorb everything after some time has passed so that I could ensure my opinion of worlds isn't me being emotionally fuelled, I was able to control my emotions very well probably due to my lack of expectations going into worlds and my lack on interest in the meta like around set 11 where I avoided nationals as opposed to when I played in Germany g set 12. As a result, I did enjoy Japan and didn't feel restrained thankfully by the bad experiences. I want to talk about things I learned, my experiences, what I have seen or heard, and why worlds wasn't a great experience. Sorry if this offends anybody, but instead of all this cheesy stuff of celebrating the privellage of going to worlds to be a sacrificial lamb …

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  • Robot Victor Chang

    I strive for a perfect future.

    One that is filled with silence.

    The silence of nothingness.

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  • LostEnd

    How to Gyze?

    February 14, 2018 by LostEnd

    Take a drink every time I say Gyze.

    So Everyone’s gut reaction was to run to rescue, and play 12 draws (or maybe that was just me) but can I get some other ideas for this, like maybe playing LJ or Gredora to stall. Or maybe playing descendant to get triggers faster. I just need help on ideas. I don’t even need a decklist just a deck and trigger lineup. So any help I can get on trying to play gauze would be appreciated.

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