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  • SilentSwordTCG

    Shop Challenge Report!

    February 26, 2017 by SilentSwordTCG

    I had my shop challenge, running Vanquisher, and did better than I ever had, but not good enough to win.

    Game 1: Against Big Boss, Guzma. He 0-2'd me with Raging Form, so I lost.

    Game 2: Scharhtot. Holy Gille De Rais, this took forever. We ended up with the three turns each happening for the entire third game. 2-1, a nice win for me.

    Game 3: Gavrail. I was excited from the last round, but was able to pull out a 2-1 win, and I used Chain Bolt for the first time. Look it up because it is powerful.

    Game 4: Ahsha. Nope, this was an 0-2.

    Then cut to top 4, and someone told me that I had a huge chance of getting in if Guzma won that round, but he lost, and so did I.

    I did walk away with the Aichi folder, though.

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  • Betsunii

    Best Non-Gbreak cards

    February 26, 2017 by Betsunii

    What, in your opinion, are some of the best non-g break cards? I am interested in early-game focused decks, i appreciate the input

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  • Mooshra12

    So I Kinda Won A Thing.

    February 26, 2017 by Mooshra12

    Well with regionals for the Bushi Spring Circuit about to bein I went a to a shop qualifier and kinda won with a not so good deck.... Sorry for the long pause, but I didn't expect to win, and I fell bad because I made a guy feel like quitting his clan. It was a small and sad turnout as our 5 best players didn't show up only leaving us with 5 participants. And well only 3 of us were "good" players, and... you know let me just show you the deck lists.

    Best of 1 five rounds Total :5 Gurguit x2 (One was a noob) Almtile Brave 1x (Me) Blue Wave 1x Asura Kaiser 1x

    I First fought the Blue Wave player and thought I was going to get murdered, but with some luck I held on and was able to crit sack some advantage back and win, but it was tough. We jus…

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  • KrystalLBX

    Welcome to the new Off-Topic Hearthstone thread!!!!!!  Next Monday 2/27/2017 we will be getting a special announcement! What could it be, Brode post this awesome picture of him as a Lumberjack (shhh it's his Halloween costume for October 2017, he is just posting it early) and a recent leak for Un'Guro happened.


    1. RawrDinosaursConfirmed #MakeHunterGreatAgain

    Coverage of the new cards (if any revealed this monday) soon

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  • Big Boss Guzma

    Shop Challenge Report

    February 26, 2017 by Big Boss Guzma

    I recently went to a Shop Challenge. I took RRFD. Here's what happened.

    Game 1 - Vanquisher WIN

    Pretty sure this was a 2-0. It was a nice kid, nothing serious.

    Game 2 - Ahsha WIN

    2-1. I lost the first game before adjusting to how much recovery that deck has. Dealt with it efficiently--but not easily--in the next two games.

    Game 3 - Nightrose WIN

    Mason Clark apparently goes to a shop less than 30 minutes away from me? The more you know. Unfortunately for him RRFD was just a bad matchup and I easily took it 2-0.

    Game 4 - Chronojet LOSE

    Got 0-2'd. I think this guy's name was Sam? Time Leap was just a tricky matchup and I was playing a good player. Took me a minute to adjust to how disruptive this deck is for me.

    Cut To Top 4

    Semifinals - Ahsha WIN

    I can…

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  • ShadowEyepatch

    Promised Request

    February 26, 2017 by ShadowEyepatch

    A long time ago, I made a blog about what cards should be reversed and that i would draw them. One user, @Moonshroud, gave certain reverse ideas that i said i would draw...I apologize to you for the long wait but i promise you i will draw them for you ASAP And then post them (to either a new blog or this one) :)

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  • DarkAhsha913

    Blade Wing Deck

    February 25, 2017 by DarkAhsha913

    Ok so I'm making a blade wing deck upon pondering a couple of suggestions given to me from various sources, and I would like to confirm my build. If there are any suggestions on combos, better cards etcetera, that would be great. Thanks.

    Grade 4's(Strides):

    x1-2 Wings of annihilation, Blade Wing Tibold x2 Great Demon, Soulless Demagogue x2 Rebellious Retainer of Fresh Blood, Frederick x4 Abominable One, Gilles de Rais x1 Mask of Demonic Frenzy, Ericrius x1 One who steeped in sin, Scharhrot G-guardians: x2 Nighttime Gentleman, Saint-Germain x2 False Dark Wings, Agrat bat Mahlat

    Grade 3's: x2 Blade wing Reijy x2 Wings of Recurrence, Blade Wing Reijy x3-4 Blade wing Sullivan

    Grade 2's: x3 Doppel Vampire x2 Dark Soul Conducter x4 Blade wing Sykes …

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  • SilentSwordTCG

    Okay, so my shop challenge is today, and I am freaking out!!! I have never done a tournament this large in my entire life. Thankfully, I have taken this time to create a step-by-step list for everyone who is in the same boat as I am. So, without further ado, here it is.

    SilentSwordTCG's Guide to a Successful Shop Challenge!!!

    Step 1: Get a good night's sleep the night before. Being tired will draw your attention away from what your opponent is doing.

    Step 2: Get ready! Do your morning routine, and make sure you are practicing proper hygene.

    Step 3: Show up on time! (and pack some food if you can't travel out to eat with friends) If you don't show up, you can't participate.

    Step 4: BRING YOUR DECK!!!!! I cannot stress it enough: If you don't bri…

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  • Taigane

    While idol cards have been slowly revealed, there wasnt exactly any wow cards seen i ahwile, while starlight is definately good, and harri atleast decent, there wasnt really much that changed the general gameplay style, Well...until songer happened. This card completly changed how offensive you can play as granblue and its synergy with starlight and SeaWall. so it felt like a good time to analyse it

    Diabolist Of Corpse, Songer

    Im just gonna call it Songer to not trigger the filther...

    Im actually suprised that this card exists at its rarity spot, simply cause it means that ruined the overall balance of generic and non generic  support they would give.

    1.  No GB Restriction: It a insanely powerfull first stride which can perform into several extra…

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  • TheRealCEO

    CEO's Assassin Turbo

    February 25, 2017 by TheRealCEO

    It's been a while since i posted an actual list here, so i'll go ahead and post one. I've recently decided to try out a deck i've been to reluctant to try out:

    Assassin Turbo/OTK

    In case youre wondering what that is, its basically just a Dark Irregulars deck that plays 4 copies of Enigmatic Assassin in the main deck.

    There were 2 reasons i was a little hesitant to try it out.

    1. We (in English format) dont have Wertiger Yeager,

    and (more importantly);

    2. You have to play 4 copies of a non-trigger Grade 0 in the deck, which requires you to play wonky grade ratios, which can lead to awkward opening hands.

    but...if Japanese players can get away with playing only 4-6 G3s, surely i can, right?

    after the playing the deck for a couple tournies with it i …

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