• HikaruNyan555

    Premium. A format that a lot of people seem to hate a lot, mainly 'cus they think the meta is all about 3-4 of the same strategies and is boring because of that, when really it isn't. One of the perks of Premium is a wider card pool and lots of ways to build decks. However, if there is one deck in Premium I know that has many options, it's Blasters. I cannot stress how there are lots, and I mean LOTS of ways to build a deck around the archetype. Seeing the any options, I'd like to show you the many ways the archetype could be played.

    Blasters, in case you don't know (which, really, I don't know how you don't know) is an archetype in Royal Paladin focused on aggression and consistency. It is also one of the fastest decks in the game, as most …

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  • CFDrewbert

    Waifu Wars

    November 16, 2018 by CFDrewbert

    As the title says. This is the result of my university’s anime club’s waifu war. There was also a trash tier which was a literal trash can.

    Do y’all agree with these decisions? We didn’t have time to go through all the options. Would you add some or change any? Let’s fight!

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  • Silvermaxus253

    Hey, guys, Silver here. So, how about that Gear Chronicle stuff, eh?

    Honestly, after testing the cards for Standard on Tabletop Simulator as well as proxying it IRL, I can say it's a really powerful deck that needs fuel to get going or else it utterly dies... still, it's really fun to use. Anyways, one thing I wanted to see happen is combining this card with the cards we had before to make a fun and interesting deck...

    ...and yet I'm using Melem.

    Yeah, I know the old Tick Tock Melem combo is what gave Gears its rather infamous reputation, but honestly I really do like the combo a lot. Plus, with the combos there are today in Premium, using a multi-attacker engine in a Force Clan isn't exactly the worst combo in the world. Now, I did say it w…

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  • KrystalLBX

    Let's GO! (Pokemon thread)

    November 14, 2018 by KrystalLBX

    Hyped for getting my game on the 15th (aka tomorrow)

    Getting eevee version

    My planned team

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  • ZurakerKensing

    19,000th Page

    November 13, 2018 by ZurakerKensing

    I have achieved my goal in life.

    Wait, are you saying blogs don't count as pages?!?!?


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  • OverlordKaito

    So before this I’d never REALLY played Premium before. I’d played a couple games with a friend but we’d built some silly gimmick decks, nothing actually GOOD. I went with OTT Gyze because I was going to play OTT at least one of the days, and I just really like Gyze.

    Round 1: Harri -WIN-

    He went first, but missed G Assist to 3. I hit my 5th trigger on his first Stride turn, and by then I had more than enough shield to handle his second Stride while on Gyze. Did learn after the game we both had the same name and even both spelled it the same, so that was cool.

    Round 2: Blasters -WIN-

    I got paired down this round, and being honest my opponent… wasn’t good. He was playing the legend deck Gallatin, didn’t use Exceed to retire, rode Alfred Early but…

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  • OverlordKaito

    So for Standard I was torn between OTT or Murakumo. I ended up going with Muras mainly out of fear of OTHER Muras, and I figured I’d see at least a decent amount of OTT players and I could score easy wins off them… yeah that didn’t work out.

    First two rounds I had a Bye Card, so hooray for waiting three hours for a round I’m actually playing in to start

    Round 3: Dimension Police -WIN-

    So of course after deciding not to play OTT my first match is one I would have won for sure if I played OTT. He gives me three damage so I go for the full lockdown, but he damages a draw so I don't do much else. He makes one attack and passes. I don't do anything on my next turn really since there's no point in preventing DP from riding. His turn, he swings with…

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  • FullmetalPaladin21

    RIP Stan Lee

    November 12, 2018 by FullmetalPaladin21

    The title says it. He passed away today 12/11/18 at the age of 95. I feel so empty right now. A sad day for any comic book fan But it is what it is. Bless him, may his legacy keep on living forever.

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  • Dasasmay

    Hi. I've been a genesis player since G set 4 came out. I made clan leader with a Fenrir Revelation build in g set 13 era, and now that all the cards for Genesis in the new set have been revealed, I want to talk about the descisions made in design, both good and bad.

    Lets start with the good

    Witch of cats, Cumin, (,_Cumin_(V_Series)) turned out to be (in my opinion) one of the most important cards in the deck. Her skill does 1 of two things. Either adding a crit or draw from drop zone to soul to put Himiko online, or allowing you to return an already used mikihirahme (,_Mihikarihime_(V_Series)) for an extra soul blast cost reduction. 

    so Speaking of Mih…

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  • TheRealCEO

    Quick spoiler, i went 7-1 in swiss and lost in top 8, but there are some things i wanted to put here, so please the whole post. Thank You!

    Ok, im just gonna turn this into a separate post (because i can and it doesnt matter anyway).

    alright, so time at Chara Expo was.....eventful, to say the least, but i powered through the nonsense to make top 8 yet again. 

    it was the first regional for standard i attended, so i was legit nervous (yes, standard makes it easier to win for some people, i admit it), but after a couple of rounds, i knew i was gonna be ok.

    now, i need to address something:

    This tournament took a Zeal awful time. at first, it was because Bushiroad actually until 10 am to let people in (shouldve been 9:30), the events themselves star…

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