• Stardustdragon123

    No seriously.

    I am aware of word that Season 1 has recently been re-airing in Japan or something like that, but does anyone know why the dub of that Season has been Geoblocked on the official Youtube Channel? (Me thought it was retaliation for everyone complaining about Chrono every G Episode or so, but then they'd Geoblock Seasons 2 and 3 as well, so who knows?)

    Is Bushiroad even aware of this or if so, why exactly?

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  • Drake Neko

    I haven't uploaded a blog in quite some time, and so I've decided to post my honest review of a character in the Vanguard anime series. Now, maybe I'll give my honest thoughts of each character once per week until we've finally covered all of them. And if you disagree with my ratings, do post your own scores like mine as shown below.

    So to start off the series, allow me to give my honest review of the one and only iconic fighter in the series (other than Aichi), Kai Toshiki.

    Personality/Charisma: 5/5 - Since we can all just go to his page here in the wiki, its self-explanatory why he's awesome in my opinion.

    Outfits/Appearance: 4/5 - Well, there are a few bad outfits among them...Legion Mate outfit was a tad bad, and his Vanguard G outfit is …

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  • Omrbngl

    Advice For Rush

    May 18, 2017 by Omrbngl

    Guys can i get some advices about general rush decks (I'm using Royal Blasters).When i fight against decks like Nova Grappler,Aquaforce,D-Police,Spiker Brothers  my general strategy is keeping the damage low and hand full with guards for most of them it works but thanks to new gb8 this plan kinda sucks should i stay defensive or rsuh early game with llew,flogal,blaster blade (only problem of that strategy is llew, getting all blaster blades to the field and if my opponent retire blaster blade somehow alfred saver will become hard to use).There was a guy on area who played spiker brothers and his general strategy was usin mecha trainer to get heal triggers and use g guard to get gb8 very early in the game and win the game.Just in case this …

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  • Robot Victor Chang

    Alright, so having posted my old Raging Rapt build awhile back(which I am still proud of to be the mastermind behind), I figured I'd take my own shot at the Raging Form Luard build that emerged in Puerto Rico some time back.

    Grade 0:

    -1x Lingering Night Revenger, Conrad(Cycle hand or used as Raging/Luard fodder)

    -4x Belial Owl(Broken)

    -4x Revenger, Undead Angel

    -4x Abyss Revenger

    -4x Healing Revenger

    Grade 1:

    -4x Karma Collector(Recycle with Luard. Essentially endless CC)

    -4x Tempting Revenger, Finnegas(For early game Raging Form)

    -3x Vigor Revenger, Maur(Literally Stratos)

    -2x Detecting Revenger, Aife(Main call target when you ride Mana)

    Grade 2:

    -4x Revenger, Darkbless Angel(Enables triple VG attacks)

    -4x Wily Revenger, Mana(Toolboxes Aife and Maur, w…

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  • WelshGiraffa93

    undecided on if this should be the list ill be using for regionals in 3 weeks added in relish as fighters collection is out the day before in my locals where uk regionals will be any help will be awesome.


    1 machining little bee

    4 machining cicada stand

    4 machining firefly crit

    4 machining scorpion crit

    4 machining honeybee heal


    3 machining black soldier 

    3 machining cricket

    4 starshield pgg

    2 machining yellowjacket lb enabler

    2 machining caucasus 


    4 machining mosquito mk2

    4 machining tarantula 

    3 machining dive beetle


    4 machining stag beetle

    4 machining spark hercules


    4 machining destroyer

    4 stun beetle

    1 paraspear 

    1 staggle dipper

    1 obtirandus

    2 scarabgas

    2 relish lady

    1 grysfort

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  • Shawn scarface

    Hi there,

    I'm a newbie at using the Pale Moon Clan so I might wanna get some opinion from you guys. Looking back at buying a box of Rummy Labyrinth yesterday. I got to pull a Parallel Megatrick Fairfield!!!

    So with my younger brother ditching Pale Moon due to not getting much supports lately (yeah missed a lot of supports from the previous G Boosters).

    m thinking of reviving the deck. Here's a current list of cards that I'm using for the build

    SV - Pleasure Caster or Happiness Collector (which is better atm? I'm still searching for Catknight in High Boots)


    4 Heal

    12 Critical (4 Darkside Swordmaster, 4 Poison Juggler, and normal 4 crits) - my hand gets drained all the time so I might get some draws is that good?

    G1 - is 4 PG recommended he…

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  • Daikaiser Wedding SP please

    Alright peeps heres a question why do like to be cardfighter? Is it building decks seem calming and fun or winning matches lifts up your spirits! In the comment section I want to know why you like being a fighter :v

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  • Betsunii

    I'm Interested to see if there is a Decent deck that can play without rear guards because domination is going to be tier 1, and alot of control decks are top or close to top tier relevancy. Are there any decks that don't use rear guards?

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  • Writer7
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  • MidLVLBoss

    So one of the major problems people seem to have with the game right now and for a while has been ride stalling. In a format where a lot of the main mechanics such as legion(lol legion) and stride are locked by both players needing to be grade 3, staying at grade 2 is a pain in the butt for anyone but the one doing it. This has become so prevalent that many players are even running simple 10k grade 2's just to manage it(and even thats not working). Now how does someone deal with this?

    Bushi obviously is aware of it and printed the card known as Air Elemental, Sebreeze but according to a lot of tourney goers, thats doing almost nothing if its doing anything at all. The cost for Sebreeze is simply far too high and doesn't actually punish thos…

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