• Slurpypoof

    Howdy doodly, neighbor! I just wanted to make an analysis of the first day of playtesting both Dankface and Gredora with the new support from "The Awakening Zoo" in a way that tackles their objectives as Vanguards, their strengths, their weaknesses, and the cards that would best supplement those weaknesses. I won't go into literally everything because that breakdown would make this long blog even more extreme. Feel free to leave your thoughts and counterpoint as well.

    First off, I just want to give a decent vague summery of how I feel the decks feel:

    Gredora: This deck is kind of an enigma. The best way I'd try to describe it is that it's this weird mix of being incredibly reliable and easy to maneuver in the early game, but that reliability…

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  • Sol Kage

    So there's been a bit of a trend since the Z Season of Boosters began, especially when the Zeroths started appearing in Set 13.

    Set 13 sold out before the set was even released in Japan and the Star Gate Booster sold out in Japan before even a single card was revealed for it.  I don't know if the Zoo Booster sold out prior to release as well, but judging by some of the prices, I'd say it's highly likely. 

    Now, demand for the Zeroths might have something to do with the boosters selling out so fast, but is Bushiroad underestimating how much of a product they should be making to satisfy demands? 

    With English sets coming out rapidly to catch up with the Japanese releases, this doesn't give players a lot of chance to recover between sets, and the…

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  • Silvermaxus253

    So... we have the names for the last two Zeroth Dragons, Dust and Ultima. I have to admit, I love the names for these two! Still, now that all 6 Zeroth Dragons have been revealed, I wanna propose an idea that they could do in the anime. With Drachma now in the possession of the heroes, what if once they get all 6 Zeroth Dragons they end up using them against Gyze and his power. Now, I doubt anything would actually come of this, but it would be interesting to think about the potential candidates for each Zeroth Dragon. Now, I'm mainly gonna look at major characters for all this, as if a minor character like Kei ended up using a Zeroth Dragon it wouldn't really make much sense. This, of course, gets tricky with the nations with the most amou…

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  • Drake Neko

    Probably too early and should have waited for the New Years to make this blog, but eh, why not? Decided to make this on a whim and also to get to know a part of every person in the community, but yeah.

    You got any plans that'll be productive in your life?

    Here is a list of mine:

    • To get a drivers license as well as a part-time job.
    • To get good at VG, despite being a casual, and maybe aim to get to Nationals at best.
    • Play the whole Ratchet and Clank trilogies as well as the Jak and Sly trilogies.
    • Watch Star Trek starting from the original, then the original six movies, then the reboot, then Next Gen, then Next Gen movies, and then the modern stuff. (Many thanks to my Sociology teacher, who is a huge fan of the series and mentions William Shatner a…
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  • TheRealCEO

    Ok, so everything we're getting in 2017 is now known (as far as JPN is concerned), id like to take a moment to discuss my favorite things that happened in regards to this game (and youll notice a trend with my opinion). its quite straightforward, and none of it is really in any order.

    1. Fighter's Collection 2017-Quick little insight into my mindset as a player. i usually build decks and play decks for the sake of mid to late game. im flexible when i need to be, but thats my default setting. So, G Guards when they were first introduced, i was positively glowing with excitement. fast forward to 2017, and Bushiroad has given us the gift of Enhanced G Guards (thats my name for them) and GB8s. I LOVE the idea of GB8; these next level absurd eff…

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  • FantasticAhaha

    Locals 9/12/17

    December 9, 2017 by FantasticAhaha

    Today i decided to play my Pure Ahsha deck due to needing more practice against the rising meta hoping someone would be using one of the newly supported Link Joker, little did I know that still no one had a completed build and wasn’t going to play the deck. I have played the deck in the past without much thought into my plays as I know what to expect from my locals and what decks they all play.

    My 1st game I had gotten a bye as we had an odd number of players which I didn’t mind as it gave me some time to go through our store binder and commons so I could check what we have in and so I could get a couple bits for a side project deck that Im thinking about building.

    My 2nd game (OTT) was against my friend who won at Germany using this Susanno…

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  • FantasticAhaha


    December 9, 2017 by FantasticAhaha

    3/9/17 (Locals)

    This was my first time going to my locals after being away for a couple of weeks and i decided to pick up my Lauris deck and decied to start changing it with Kagero and Nubatama getting support  and i didnt want my Mermiads being dominated or being retired, i also had to remeber that harmony was key so i decided to keep Ayna in to help the G4 Lauris get her skills off.

    My 1st match up was Against a Blademaster deck which i haven't played agaisnt for quiet some time now, unfortunately i went 1st in both of my games against my opponent, my 1st tactic was to rush against my opponent just because the minuet he strided i knew my units would be retired from his effects. luckly on the 3rd turn i started to draw into my Resist units…

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  • Kw653

    Vanguard dad jokes

    December 9, 2017 by Kw653

    Any jokes or puns you can recommend about the vanguard? I want my friends to laugh big time and i don't have a idea which joke can i made. Please tell me as much as you can if possible so i can ask my friends to laugh.

    Please spread the word to others about this topic.  I actually laughed when i see the comments. Thank you very much for the hint. Keep it going for more joke comments in this section if you have it.

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  • TheHolyJavier

    New Series Thoughts

    December 9, 2017 by TheHolyJavier

    Lets be honest here, who isnt hyped for the new series? New mechanics, new units, new anime mcs.

    Alas, theres also the bad things (always).

    They'll most likely reboot the main bosses of each clans and the decks we now know will most likely get shafted with legacy support here and there. I mean, I'm all for new things, but after using Harri for over 2 years, I've gotten kinda attached to the card (i know, its weird). I'll most likely start on a new deck and it'll most likely be Pale Moon, but it saddens me still that Harri will get shafted. Its the thing we all knew was coming.

    On another side note, which clans do you think the mcs will use? Male or female? Will they still follow up on the diffrider plot? What about new mechanics?

    Alas Harri, …

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  • British Soul

    Meanwhile at Magallanica...

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