• British Soul

    This is why I intro'd Morfessa into the plot...

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  • Alex Masamune

    The title suggest a new fanmade clan that its theme revolves around microorganisms. Now, how is a microorganisms able to create havoc in Cray when they're so little compared to High Beast, Humans, Dragons and etc. Similar to our world, this microorganism have ill intention to destroy their host by feeding on them. Oh, they're no primitive species because they need a host to do their bidding and they are highly intelligent which all clans in Zoo Nation acknowledge them to be a true threat.

    Introducing Plaguscytus

    Lame name for the source of deaths, mind control and various unexplained events that leads back to them in Cray. They are small but what keeps them from being completed eradicated in cruel cycle of life is the ability to inhabit a un…

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  • Bajarias.josef

    (This is my first time doing this)

    Got bored, looked around the recent activity. Then I saw Exarch and Panda's posts . I realized that I had a fan made clan named Kamikaze(current name, may be subject to change) (Dragon Empire),their play style is about replacing their units skills via their keyword "Imperial Order"

    So far their lore is

    Fearing that the current army is being outnumbered. The Emperor decided to form a new division. Called "Kamikaze", this division only takes orders from their grandmaster,  the Emperor himself. Now curious about the Different World Ride, The Emperor sends the squad towards the new world. Main G3

    Dragonic Emperor, Bahamut (habits)


    11000 atk/twin drive/ Imperial Dragon

    Imperial Order (Activate this ability by decl…

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  • Exarch-of-Sechrima

    So, Agtady said I should put my money where my mouth is and try designing my own clan. So here we go.

    The Melodica Muses are a group of avian humanoids known as Sky Beasts who live in the mountainous regions of Zoo Nation. They believe that when they die, their spirits rise into the sky and are reborn from the wind, and the echoes of the mountains are the voices of their ancestors.

    Requiem: Their keyword is Requiem. Requiem is a state effect, like like Harmony, that triggers when a card is placed in your bind zone from drop zone to make units go from not in Requiem to in Requiem. The Melodica Muses abilities work around binding themselves and other units from the drop zone to activate abilities, and call units from bind zone to the field or …

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  • BarilBlood

    We're slowly aproaching the end of the season and, perhaps, a new generation for Vanguard, meaning new characters and new gameplay mechanics. So, I thought it could be fun to discuss what kind of new things we might see in this new Era.

    I wanna talk about two things :

    1. The characters

    2. The gameplay mechanics


    I wanna see under-supported clans finally get the spotlight. Kinda like what they did with Tokoha and Neo Nectar. For the main crew I could see a couple of things happening :

    The main character could play Oracle Think Tank or Aqua Force. These clans are not necessarily under-supported but I feel like they have MC potential.

    For the main Girl, I would see her play something like Megacolony. She could bring a more feminine touch to the …

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  • British Soul

    Remember when Lawkeeper was involved in the plot?...

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  • British Soul

    Well if plan A failed, might as well move on to plan B...

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  • ProfessorPanda109

    I was really bored the other day and I thought of this, basically a clan based around forcing your opponent to deck out instead of purely damage to win. By forcing your opponent to soul charge, binding cards from their deck, putting cards from their deck to the drop zone or just plain drawing cards. basically card cycling your opponent until they deck out. Then the keyword could be activated if the opponent has X cards left in their deck or if X amount of cards where removed from your opponents deck this turn.

    I think it would kind of balanced since, if you force your opponent to soul charge, Pale Moons and Dark Irregulars will destroy you, if you force them to bind cards Gear Chronical will gain advantages from it, Granblue would gain from…

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  • British Soul

    Gee, I wonder who called this a parody...?

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  • British Soul

    What better way to celebrate 50 chapters than to have a parody episode...

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