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Catastrophic Outbreak is the 13th Booster Set released in the Japanese and English format.



Azusa/chibi/Daisuke Izuka/Eel‎/Ein/Hirokorin/koji/Kou Takano/mikebosi/Morechand/MORUGA/Mがんぢー‎/NINNIN/Quily/ToMo/touge666‎/uni‎/明貴美加/安達洋介/イーベル/イシバシヨウスケ/伊藤未生/イトウヨウイチ/えびら‎/おにねこ/叶之明/かぶと山/かわすみ/喜久屋めがね/樹人/古賀あずさ/コガラツ/茶壱/齋藤タヶオ/山宗/スズキゴロウ/汐山このむ/田口美穂/田所哲平/たにめそ/チェロキー/椿春雨/てるみぃ/ともひと/萩谷薫/パトリシア/ひがし/ひと和/藤ちょこ/ふしみ彩香/ぽん吉/前河悠一/増田幹生/松島一夫/丸山浩/碧風羽/村枝賢一/瞑丸イヌチヨ/百瀬寿/山﨑奈苗/竜徹/りりんら/鷲尾奈津子


カードファイト!! ヴァンガード 絶禍繚乱 CM00:16

カードファイト!! ヴァンガード 絶禍繚乱 CM

Japanese version



Card List

Code Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
BT13/001 Cleanup Celestial, Ramiel "Яeverse" 3 Angel Feather RRR+SP
BT13/002 Shura Stealth Dragon, Kujikiricongo 3 Nubatama RRR+SP
BT13/003 Strongest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Extreme 3 Nova Grappler RRR+SP
BT13/004 Deadliest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster "Яeverse" 3 Nova Grappler RRR+SP
BT13/005 Dark Dimensional Robo, "Яeverse" Daiyusha 3 Dimension Police RRR+SP
BT13/006 Original Saver, Zero 3 Dimension Police RRR+SP
BT13/007 Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon 3 Link Joker RRR+SP
BT13/008 Blue Wave Dragon, Tetra-drive Dragon 3 Aqua Force RRR+SP
BT13/009 Emergency Celestial, Danielle 2 Angel Feather RR
BT13/010 Shura Stealth Dragon, Kabukicongo 3 Nubatama RR
BT13/011 Stealth Beast, Mijingakure 1 Nubatama RR
BT13/012 Beast Deity, Brainy Papio 2 Nova Grappler RR
BT13/013 Beast Deity, Solar Falcon 1 Nova Grappler RR
BT13/014 Dimensional Robo, Daishield 1 Dimension Police RR
BT13/015 Star-vader, Colony Maker 2 Link Joker RR
BT13/016 Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist 3 Granblue RR+SP
BT13/017 Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus "Яeverse" 3 Granblue RR+SP
BT13/018 Cobalt Wave Dragon 3 Aqua Force RR
BT13/019 School Punisher, Leo-pald "Яeverse" 3 Great Nature RR+SP
BT13/020 Honorary Professor, Chatnoir 3 Great Nature RR+SP
BT13/021 Operation Celestial, Armen 3 Angel Feather R
BT13/022 Nursing Celestial, Narelle 1 Angel Feather R
BT13/023 Stealth Fiend, Daidarahoushi 3 Nubatama R
BT13/024 Stealth Beast, Tamahagane 2 Nubatama R
BT13/025 Stealth Beast, Kuroko 0 Nubatama R
BT13/026 Beast Deity, Max Beat 1 Nova Grappler R
BT13/027 Energy Charger 1 Nova Grappler R
BT13/028 Space Leviathan, Dogrumadra 3 Dimension Police R
BT13/029 Dimensional Robo, Daiheart 2 Dimension Police R
BT13/030 Dimensional Robo, Daidriller 2 Dimension Police R
BT13/031 Dimensional Robo, Gocannon 1 Dimension Police R
BT13/032 Dimensional Robo, Daimagnum 0 Dimension Police R
BT13/033 Knight of Entropy 3 Link Joker R
BT13/034 Paradise Elk 2 Link Joker R
BT13/035 Earnest Star-vader, Selenium 0 Link Joker R
BT13/036 Rotten Sea Necromancer, Barbaros 3 Granblue R
BT13/037 Sea Strolling Banshee 1 Granblue R
BT13/038 Tidal Assault 2 Aqua Force R
BT13/039 Wheel Assault 1 Aqua Force R
BT13/040 Bubble Edge Dracokid 0 Aqua Force R
BT13/041 Abacus Bear 3 Great Nature R
BT13/042 Wash Up Racoon 1 Great Nature R
BT13/043 Dressing Barrage, Sathariel 3 Angel Feather C
BT13/044 Surgical Celestial, Batariel 2 Angel Feather C
BT13/045 Twinkle Knife Angel 2 Angel Feather C
BT13/046 Anesthesia Celestial, Rumael 1 Angel Feather C
BT13/047 Tender Pigeon 1 Angel Feather C
BT13/048 Puncture Celestial, Gadriel 0 Angel Feather C
BT13/049 Stealth Rogue of a Thousand Blades, Oborozakura 2 Nubatama C
BT13/050 Stealth Dragon, Kokujyo 2 Nubatama C
BT13/051 Stealth Fiend, Gozuou 2 Nubatama C
BT13/052 Stealth Rogue of the Night, Sakurafubuki 1 Nubatama C
BT13/053 Tempest Stealth Rogue, Fuuki 1 Nubatama C
BT13/054 Stealth Dragon, Kodachifubuki 1 Nubatama C
BT13/055 Stealth Fiend, Mezuou 1 Nubatama C
BT13/056 Banquet Stealth Rogue, Shutenmaru 0 Nubatama C
BT13/057 Stealth Dragon, Kurogane 0 Nubatama Critical C
BT13/058 Stealth Fiend, Ohtsuzura 0 Nubatama Draw C
BT13/059 Stealth Fiend, Zashikihime 0 Nubatama Heal C
BT13/060 Stealth Fiend, Mashiromomen 0 Nubatama Stand C
BT13/061 Death Army Commander 3 Nova Grappler C
BT13/062 Beast Deity, Damned Leo 2 Nova Grappler C
BT13/063 Gattlingraizer 2 Nova Grappler C
BT13/064 Beast Deity, Desert Gator 1 Nova Grappler C
BT13/065 Beast Deity, Night Jackal 0 Nova Grappler C
BT13/066 Beast Deity, Death Stinger 0 Nova Grappler Critical C
BT13/067 Beast Deity, Van Paurus 0 Nova Grappler Draw C
BT13/068 Beast Deity, Bright Cobra 0 Nova Grappler Stand C
BT13/069 Beast Deity, Rescue Bunny 0 Nova Grappler Heal C
BT13/070 Fusion Monster, Bugreed 2 Dimension Police C
BT13/071 Shock Monster, Vipple 2 Dimension Police C
BT13/072 Heat Ray Monster, Gigabolt 1 Dimension Police C
BT13/073 Beam Monster, Raidrum 1 Dimension Police C
BT13/074 Hypnotism Monster, Nechoroly 0 Dimension Police C
BT13/075 Demon-eye Monster, Gorgon 0 Dimension Police Critical C
BT13/076 Dimensional Robo, Daicrane 0 Dimension Police Draw C
BT13/077 Dimensional Robo, Goflight 0 Dimension Police Stand C
BT13/078 Dimensional Robo, Gorescue 0 Dimension Police Heal C
BT13/079 Supergiant Lady Gunner 3 Link Joker C
BT13/080 Devastation Star-vader, Tungsten 2 Link Joker C
BT13/081 Prison Gate Star-vader, Palladium 1 Link Joker C
BT13/082 Asteroid Belt Lady Gunner 1 Link Joker C
BT13/083 Star-vader, Chaos Beat Dragon 1 Link Joker C
BT13/084 Black Ring Chain, Pleiades 0 Link Joker C
BT13/085 Dragon Corrode, Corrupt Dragon 2 Granblue C
BT13/086 Peter the Ghostie 0 Granblue C
BT13/087 Gunshot of Sorrow, Nightflare 0 Granblue Draw C
BT13/088 Keen Eye Sky Trooper 3 Aqua Force C
BT13/089 Marine General of the Furious Tides, Myrtus 3 Aqua Force C
BT13/090 Battle Siren, Calista 2 Aqua Force C
BT13/091 Abyssal Sniper 2 Aqua Force C
BT13/092 Deuterium Gun Dragon 2 Aqua Force C
BT13/093 Tidal Rescue Sea Turtle Soldier 2 Aqua Force C
BT13/094 Shallows Sweeper 1 Aqua Force C
BT13/095 Heavy Rush Dragon 1 Aqua Force C
BT13/096 Swimming Patrol Seal Soldier 1 Aqua Force C
BT13/097 Apprentice Gunner, Solon 0 Aqua Force C
BT13/098 Battle Siren, Mallika 0 Aqua Force Draw C
BT13/099 Cosmic Cheetah 2 Great Nature C
BT13/100 Whistle Hyena 2 Great Nature C
BT13/101 Telescope Rabbit 0 Great Nature C
BT13/102 Holder Hedgehog 0 Great Nature Critical C

Clan/Grade Breakdown

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Total
Angel Feather 1 3 3 3 10
Nubatama 6 5 4 3 18
Nova Grappler 5 4 3 3 15
Dimension Police 6 4 4 3 17
Link Joker 2 3 3 3 11
Granblue 2 1 1 3 7
Aqua Force 3 4 5 4 16
Great Nature 2 1 2 3 8

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