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Brilliant Strike is the 14th Booster Set released in the Japanese and English format.


English Print Contents

  • 3 PR cards (12 types) inserted randomly in each display
  • 4 premium rubber playmats inserted in each carton


Azusa/BISAI/chibi/Daisuke Izuka/Hirokorin/HMK84/koji/Kou Takano/Morechand/morie/NAKAGAWA/NINNIN/ToMo/Tony/touge666/STS/飛鳥士郎/安達洋介/石田バル/イシバシヨウスケ/伊藤彰/伊藤未生/イトウヨウイチ/えびら/おおはし清隆/岡崎つぐお/おにねこ/垣野内成美/叶之明/かぶと山/かわすみ/喜久屋めがね/樹人/衣谷遊/木下勇樹/弘司/コガラツ/茶壱/齋藤タヶオ/サウトカシト/山宗/島崎麻里/スズキゴロウ/汐山このむ/仙田聡/タカヤマトシアキ/田口美穂/田所哲平/たにめそ/種田和宏/チェロキー/津島直人/椿春雨/てるみぃ/天神英貴/ともひと/萩谷薫/パトリシア/はま/ひがし/ひと和/藤ちょこ/二見敬之/前河悠一/雅/増田幹生/松島一夫/碧風羽/三好載克/村枝賢一/村山竜大/瞑丸イヌチヨ/山﨑奈苗/結城遼也/竜徹/りりんら


Card List

Code Name Grade  Clan Trigger Rarity
BT14/001 Broken Heart Jewel Knight, Ashlei "Яeverse" 3 Royal Paladin RRR+SP
BT14/002 Liberator of Bonds, Gancelot Zenith 3 Gold Paladin RRR+SP
BT14/003 Salvation Lion, Grand Ezel Scissors 3 Gold Paladin RRR+SP
BT14/004 Sunlight Goddess, Yatagarasu 3 Genesis RRR+SP
BT14/005 Omniscience Regalia, Minerva 3 Genesis RRR+SP
BT14/006 Dauntless Dominate Dragon "Яeverse" 3 Kagerō RRR+SP
BT14/007 Eradicator, Ignition Dragon 3 Narukami RRR+SP
BT14/008 Eradicator, Tempest Bolt Dragon 3 Narukami RRR+SP
BT14/009 Sanctuary of Light, Planetal Dragon 3 Royal Paladin RR+SP
BT14/010 Banding Jewel Knight, Miranda 2 Royal Paladin RR+SP
BT14/011 Summoning Jewel Knight, Gloria 1 Royal Paladin RR
BT14/012 Sword Formation Liberator, Igraine 1 Gold Paladin RR
BT14/013 Shield Goddess, Aegis 1 Genesis RR
BT14/014 Covert Demonic Dragon, Kagura Bloome 3 Murakumo RR
BT14/015 Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue "Яeverse" 3 Murakumo RR+SP
BT14/016 Silver Snow, Sasame 1 Murakumo RR
BT14/017 Eradicator, Lorentz Force Dragon 2 Narukami RR
BT14/018 Maiden of Venus Trap "Яeverse" 3 Neo Nectar RR+SP
BT14/019 Deep Green Lord, Master Wisteria 3 Neo Nectar RR
BT14/020 Red Rose Musketeer, Antonio 1 Neo Nectar RR
BT14/021 Sanctuary of Light, Determinator 2 Royal Paladin R
BT14/022 Linking Jewel Knight, Tilda 2 Royal Paladin R
BT14/023 Sanctuary of Light, Planet Lancer 0 Royal Paladin R
BT14/024 Treasure Liberator, Calogrenant 3 Gold Paladin R
BT14/025 Blue Skies Liberator, Hengist 2 Gold Paladin R
BT14/026 Burning Scale Knight, Eliwood 2 Gold Paladin R
BT14/027 Battle Maiden, Mizuha 3 Genesis R
BT14/028 Goddess of Trees, Jupiter 2 Genesis R
BT14/029 Battle Maiden, Amenohoakari 0 Genesis R
BT14/030 Vorpal Cannon Dragon 3 Kagerō R
BT14/031 Flame Dance, Agni 3 Kagerō R
BT14/032 Dominate Drive Dragon 2 Kagerō R
BT14/033 Dragon Knight, Akram 1 Kagerō R
BT14/034 Dragon Knight, Sadegh 0 Kagerō R
BT14/035 Truth Seeking Stealth Rogue, Amakusa 3 Murakumo R
BT14/036 Demonic Hair Stealth Rogue, Grenjin 2 Murakumo R
BT14/037 Bangasa Stealth Rogue, Sukerock 1 Murakumo R
BT14/038 Deadly Eradicator, Ouei 1 Narukami R
BT14/039 Spirit Beads Eradicator, Nata 0 Narukami R
BT14/040 White Rose Musketeer, Alberto 2 Neo Nectar R
BT14/041 Maiden of Cherry Bloom 2 Neo Nectar R
BT14/042 Maiden of Cherry Stone 1 Neo Nectar R
BT14/043 Knight of Frevor, Hector 3 Royal Paladin C
BT14/044 Mystical Hermit 3 Royal Paladin C
BT14/045 Jewel Knight, Tranmy 2 Royal Paladin C
BT14/046 Sanctuary of Light, Little Storm 1 Royal Paladin C
BT14/047 Jewel Knight, Melmy 1 Royal Paladin C
BT14/048 Security Jewel Knight, Alwain 1 Royal Paladin C
BT14/049 Desire Jewel Knight, Heloise 0 Royal Paladin C
BT14/050 Jewel Knight, Noble Stinger 0 Royal Paladin Critical C
BT14/051 Jewel Knight, Sacred Unicorn 0 Royal Paladin Draw C
BT14/052 Jewel Knight, Opt Harpist 0 Royal Paladin Stand C
BT14/053 Jewel Knight, Hilmy 0 Royal Paladin Heal C
BT14/054 Sacred Guardian Beast, Ceryneia 3 Gold Paladin C
BT14/055 Liberator, Burning Blow 3 Gold Paladin C
BT14/056 Dolgal Liberator 2 Gold Paladin C
BT14/057 Sacred Twin Beast, Black Lion 2 Gold Paladin C
BT14/058 Blue Axe Knight, Taliesin 2 Gold Paladin C
BT14/059 Knight of Passion, Torre 1 Gold Paladin C
BT14/060 Sacred Twin Beast, White Lion 1 Gold Paladin C
BT14/061 Flying Sword Liberator, Gorlois 1 Gold Paladin C
BT14/062 Knife Throwing Knight, Maleagant 1 Gold Paladin C
BT14/063 Scarlet Lion Cub, Caria 0 Gold Paladin C
BT14/064 Liberator, Ground Crack 0 Gold Paladin Stand C
BT14/065 Naapgal Liberator 0 Gold Paladin Heal C
BT14/066 Angelic Wiseman 3 Genesis C
BT14/067 Myth Guard, Fomalhaut 3 Genesis C
BT14/068 Witch of Grapes, Grappa 2 Genesis C
BT14/069 Myth Guard, Denebola 2 Genesis C
BT14/070 Battle Maiden, Kayanarumi 2 Genesis C
BT14/071 Witch of Oranges, Valencia 1 Genesis C
BT14/072 Myth Guard, Achernar 1 Genesis C
BT14/073 Goddess of Union, Yuno 1 Genesis C
BT14/074 Ordain Owl 1 Genesis C
BT14/075 Spectral Sheep 0 Genesis C
BT14/076 Dragon Knight, Jaral 3 Kagerō C
BT14/077 Flame Star Seal Dragon Knight 2 Kagerō C
BT14/078 Dragon Knight, Razer 2 Kagerō C
BT14/079 Demonic Dragon Mage, Taksaka 2 Kagerō C
BT14/080 Diable Drive Dragon 1 Kagerō C
BT14/081 Explosive Claw Seal Dragon Knight 1 Kagerō C
BT14/082 Calamity Tower Wyvern 1 Kagerō C
BT14/083 Egg Prison Seal Dragon Knight 0 Kagerō C
BT14/084 Lizard Soldier, Goraha 0 Kagerō Critical C
BT14/085 Flame of Rest, Geara 0 Kagerō Draw C
BT14/086 Wyvern Strike, Flee 0 Kagerō Stand C
BT14/087 Dragon Dancer, Barbara 0 Kagerō Heal C
BT14/088 Stealth Beast, Chain Geek 2 Murakumo C
BT14/089 Stealth Beast, Deathly Dagger 1 Murakumo C
BT14/090 Masago Stealth Rogue, Goemon 0 Murakumo C
BT14/091 Dirk Stealth Rogue, Yaiba 0 Murakumo Critical C
BT14/092 Dark Knight Stealth Rogue, Clogg 0 Murakumo Stand C
BT14/093 Thundering Bow, Zahraa 3 Narukami C
BT14/094 Plasma Scimitar Dragoon 2 Narukami C
BT14/095 Dragon Dancer, Agatha 1 Narukami C
BT14/096 Wyvern Strike, Zalus 1 Narukami C
BT14/097 Wish Granting Djinn 0 Narukami C
BT14/098 Jack in Pumpkin 2 Neo Nectar C
BT14/099 Lotus Druid 1 Neo Nectar C
BT14/100 Maiden of Physalis 0 Neo Nectar C
BT14/101 Maiden of Eggplant 0 Neo Nectar Draw C
BT14/102 Blue Rose Musketeer, Ernst 0 Neo Nectar Stand C

Clan/Grade Breakdown

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Total
Royal Paladin 6 4 4 4 18
Gold Paladin 3 5 5 5 18
Genesis 2 5 4 5 16
Kagerō 6 4 4 4 18
Murakumo 3 3 2 3 11
Narukami 2 3 2 3 10
Neo Nectar 3 3 3 2 11

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