A knight of the Black Steed/Horse Troop that freely manipulates the magical artifact "The Black Assault Chains."
"The Black Assault Chains" are a magical artifact that absorbs the mana of its target, and from the absorbed mana, several sword chain copies can be made to pierce the target. The number of sword chain copies produced depends on the total amount of mana absorbed. It is classified as a 2nd class Hazardous Artifact in the United Sanctuary.
Because he had persecuted the people around him when he was young, he stubbornly refuses to interact with other people. He only opens his heart to his own elder brother, Hoel, and the Troop Leader, Vortimer, both belong to the same Black Steed/Horse troop as him.
The black chains will bring about large victories with a little sacrifice. The Black Steed/Horse knights will never let their sacrifices be in vain, and represents as a tribute to those who fell in battle.

Who are the Black Steed/Horse Troops?
One of the 7 troops in the Gold Paladins that uses the Seven Sacred Beasts, guardians of the United Sanctuary, as a symbol.
The Black Steed/Horse Troops mostly consists of Magical Items, Tools, and Artifact users, and the bulk of the troop are previously Shadow Paladin members.
They agreed to pair up with the Royal Paladins to form the Gold Paladins only because their interests are identical to each other. However, they seldom get involved with members from the other troops, thus the state of the internal affairs of the troop are mostly shrouded in mystery.