It is a dinodragon, known as the "Ancient Dragon" that thrived in the prehistoric ages. It is the first "Ancient Dragon" to have awoken, and had undergone an evolution that hardened its entire scales to be unusually sharp during its slumber. Particularly the swollen amber scales while it can act as an armor that deflect bullets without any trouble, it also doubles as a blade that can slice through rocks and metals as if they were butter. Furthermore, right after it awakened, it had learned the present day language in the blink of an eye by just listening to some modern day dinodragons conversing with each other. Their (Ancient Dragons) unique abilities and the confirmed extraordinary learning speed has shocked the Empire's scientists and soldiers but brought delight in the eyes of the generals. They're a super ancient living heritage that had twisted their own fate to be extinct. The option of just accepting a destined despair does not exist within their ranks.

Ancient Dragons

The first ever dinodragons that dominated the soils of Cray in the pre-historic times.
While other races had gone extinct one after another during the cataclysm, they had survived its fury by slumbering indefinitely under the earth.
In addition, they somehow exhibited their extraordinary vitality and continue to evolve despite laying dormant under the earth.
It has been inferred that they awakened from their long slumber from the effect of the pollution to the air and land as a process of "Link Joker's" invasion on Cray.