A rare assassin that performs mystical stunts and a warrior that possesses the title of "Eradicator." It hailed from the ninja village and was originally belonged to the Intelligence Unit, but the higher echelon expected him to excel as a warrior due to his exceptional talents, and transferred him to the Assault Squad.
He does not produce any sound for anything he did, from walking to breathing, and of course in battle. Because of this, he is feared as the "Grim Reaper" and "Phantom" not only from his enemies, but also his allies.
The assassin of the Empire was dreaded by all until rumors about his origin is all culminated from all sorts of demons, ghosts, phantoms, spirits, trolls and goblins. The blade of the Grim Reaper strikes without any omen and slips in "Death" in the boundary of "Life" and "Death." One will not even feel fear even at the brink of death when targeted by him.

Who are the "Eradicators"?

A Special Force consisted of those who are especially loyal and faithful to the Dragon Empire, chosen from the ranks of the "Narukami" clan, one of the two major Military Wings of the Empire. As what the title literally means, the aim of the force is to "Eradicate" anyone who dares made an enemy out of the Empire. All are subjected to a special training so that they can make ruthless choices during their mission, no matter how peaceful one acts when they're off duty. In addition, only the upper echelons and those belonged to the "Eradicators" knows who are appointed to bear the title of "Eradicator."