A member of the "Battle Sisters", native-born agents that belonged to the Battle Order. While usually she is pictured as a serious-looking young girl, but she has a habit of butting in with full power whenever someone acts funny or stupid. It is said that the act of "Tsukkomi" and her threatening weapon "Harisen" which is made by bundling papers together, are traditions in the place where she was brought up. In addition, by the request from other members, her habit was designed by incorporating comical essences in its design. However, it is said she is not fond of any of this. Her original weapon in mind is an iron club but because she had a lot of opportunities to use that Harisen, too often she would mistakenly bring the Harisen with her instead of the iron club in the middle of a mission.

Who are the Battle Sisters?

An agent force of the Battle Order "Sanctuary Guardians" that was secretly set up by the Oracle Think Tank Corporation in order to capture or kill criminals and unscrupulous companies. The agents are usually dressed up as nuns because ostensibly they are affiliated to the "Church." While the members are all excellent combatants and magic users, there are unexpectedly a lot of members with a quirky personality because they were assigned there due to circumstances that cannot be made public.