A member of the "Battle Sisters", native-born agents that belonged to the Battle Order. An elite sniper that wields a huge super-photon rifle as her primary weapon. Her motto of "Tiramisu, targeted and firing!*" is not just for show, her sniping skills are actually top class amongst the members of the order. She is an elated person whose easygoing behaviour stoods out like a sore thumb. However, if you change your point of view, she is a friendly person who always thinks about her comrades, and her demeanour helps ease the tension between her teammates so that the team can function properly. The Holy Bullets she fired can scatter even sins. Salvation awaits those who repent after receiving a warning shot but for those who ignored the warning...

  • The direct translation is "She will never missed a target she aimed." but I chose to use this. Points to people who know where the term came from.

Who are the Battle Sisters?

An agent force of the Battle Order "Sanctuary Guardians" that was secretly set up by the Oracle Think Tank Corporation in order to capture or kill criminals and unscrupulous companies. The agents are usually dressed up as nuns because ostensibly they are affiliated to the "Church." While the members are all excellent combatants and magic users, there are unexpectedly a lot of members with a quirky personality because they were assigned there due to circumstances that cannot be made public.