A member of "Battle Sisters", a fighting religious order consisting of Sanctuary native-born agents. Even the youngest agents, bare minimum, need at least 5 years of training experience. She's got pistols everywhere: In her hair, under her wimple, and in her habit. Due to being in the same environment as adults for as long as she remembers, she has a cold personality, resulting in her being somewhat of a loner. However, the other members refuse to leave her alone due to her cute pet-like charm, and when they're not on the job, members will often treat her like a cat. While she says she wants to be left alone so she can read her books... is it possible she actually likes the fawning...?

Who are the Battle Sisters?

An agent force of the Battle Order "Sanctuary Guardians" that was secretly set up by the Oracle Think Tank Corporation in order to capture or kill criminals and unscrupulous companies. The agents are usually dressed up as nuns because ostensibly they are affiliated to the "Church." While the members are all excellent combatants and magic users, there are unexpectedly a lot of members with a quirky personality because they were assigned there due to circumstances that cannot be made public.