This is the form of Maelstrom, after it had been endowed an incredible power originated from one end of the sealed Admiral of the Fleet's will. The admiral was subjected to a powerful seal since the ancient times because of this superatmospheric power. That unusual obsession with "justice" has taken the form of the "Force", and granted further power to the Blue Storm Dragon who is touted as the strongest in the navy at present times. However, power wasn't the only thing that was granted. The heart of the Blue Storm Dragon was taken over by the former admiral's ambition of "Unification of the entire Cray" at the same time when it obtained the power of the ancient supreme conqueror. In order to prevent the resurrection of the heroes that will interfere with the unification process, the Supreme Dragon stands in the Lion's way.

"Only we are Justice! The creators of order and the omniscient guardians that will put judgment onto the fools!"