A warrior of the Black Steed/Horse Troop who takes all matters regarding discipline in the Gold Paladins onto itself. Because the Gold Paladins are established and recruiting a lot of warriors in a sudden, the discipline of the entire Paladins tend to fall into disorder very often.
It also holds the same position as when it was affiliated with the Shadow Paladins. It always prosecuted those who broke the law, no matter what the reason is and never even gave a chance for them to defend for themselves. Its doings are feared by both friend and foe alike, and unknowingly, its alias as the "Conviction Dragon" is renowned throughout the land.
The extreme convictor does not follow the concept of friend and foe, it only judges whether others are good or evil. Once an offender of the law is subjected to the judgment of the Black Dragon, it is said they will experience fear until they crave for death just to escape.

Who are the Black Steed/Horse Troops?

One of the 7 troops in the Gold Paladins that uses the Seven Sacred Beasts, guardians of the United Sanctuary as a symbol.
The Black Steed/Horse Troops mostly consists of Magical Items, Tools, and Artifact users, and the bulk of the troop are previously Shadow Paladin members.
They agreed to pair up with the Royal Paladins to form the Gold Paladins only because their interests are identical to each other. However, they seldom get involved with members from the other troops, thus the state of the internal affairs of the troop are mostly shrouded in mystery.