The 13th Kage of the "Magatsu" clan, a stealth dragon clan that served the Empire for generations. As its name suggests, using its raging storm-like power, it is a veteran who had overturned various courses of war. It possessed skills that put it as the best among the best in the past Magatsu Ninjas. It is well versed in all kinds of Ninjutsu, especially its Cloning Technique was refined to the pinnacle where no other Ninjas can reach. "Meteor Shower" is a modern ninjutsu that hybridizes the art of summoning and the cloning technique to summon countless assassination tools from the other dimension for its clones to use. The ninja arts and their position are changing with the times. Rather than preserving the tradition and deny any form of revolution, both must be combined and sublime to the newer heights. For that is the Murakumo Ninja Style.