A member of "Crimson Nursewind", the squad who all have flame-like crimson wings. Despite her nerdy, intellectual appearance, she's a problem child with a trouble making personality. She's fairly prone to burly brawling and fighting dirty, taking advantage of various amounts of magic, beating her opponents with shockwaves regardless of the situation, resulting in her being reprimanded by her commanding officer. Both friend and enemy fear her, and it's not uncommon that people are horrified to hear that the "Crimson Drive" is on the battlefield. If you see crimson shockwaves instantly appear and hit things, you should give up and run from the battlefield if you want to remain unhurt.

Crimson Nursewind Is...

A Special Garrison of "Angel Feather" consisting of angels who possess abnormally strong magic. Every member has a title that includes "Crimson". After passing a compatibility exam, those who wish to join discard their old wings and receive the Archangel's baptism, bringing forth new crimson wings. Their authority within the clan is incredible, such that their commanding officer can have direct and immediate audience with the Archangels, since the top brass trusts them implicitly.