A member of "Crimson Nursewind", the squad who all have flame-like crimson wings. She was originally a nurse, but she stopped arguments between the guards by beating the crap out of them. She received her recommendation to the group from the corporal of those soldiers, who had watched her all that time, and ultimately changed jobs as a soldier. After passing the Comparability Exam of the "Crimson Wings", she openly was assigned to "Crimson Nursewind". She continues to be the very picture of incredible growth and advancement. Her current job is knocking out patients who attack other patients on the battlefield. It is said her "patients" end up receiving tender loving care from her.

Crimson Nursewind Is...

A Special Garrison of "Angel Feather" consisting of angels who possess abnormally strong magic. Every member has a title that includes "Crimson". After passing a compatibility exam, those who wish to join discard their old wings and receive the Archangel's baptism, bringing forth new crimson wings. Their authority within the clan is incredible, such that their commanding officer can have direct and immediate audience with the Archangels, since the top brass trusts them implicitly.