A machine designed for one-on-one deciding matches, it is a part of the eternal and nigh immortal mechanical soldiers, Death Army. It is a machine that combines the conflicting elements of “Fleet-Footed” and “Heavy”, built with new high-tech materials that combines a solid armor with lightweight materials that allow rapid speed. As a result of having increased the range of motion for every area of motion, its biggest weakness has become a lack of protective joint armor. However, with boosters that allow it move 10 meters in 1.3 seconds, leaving an afterimage as it hits things with its kick attack, that combines it signature speed and weight. If it hits the joints of an average opponent, they’ll become scrap made from its powerful feet.

Who are the Death Armies?

The generic name for Mechanical Soldiers that were produced with the aim of creating an immortal warrior that will never be defeated. The machines are all completely controlled by A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), thus the buyers can participate in matches, without the need of the buyer to participate directly in it. Because of this, it is hugely popular within the wealthy people, and has contributed to the increase in participants in the Nova Grapple because the bar (Conditions to participate) has been lowered. However, there had been a lot of mysterious accidents and incidents revolving around the "Death Armies", such as the theft of the frozen prototype, etc... Because the many dark rumours about the manufacturer, this series is also very famous in the side behind the curtains.