The Another-Form of “Goyusha”, who is a dimensional hero that protects the peace of the planet. Its armament resembles parts of other Dimensional Robos. In the past, there was an occasion that “Goyusha” couldn’t combine with other Dimensional Robos, due to a fault occuring in the combination mechanism. The design of “Daiheart” makes a reference to “Goyusha” at that time, fighting with weapons borrowed from its comrades. At first glance you may think that “Daiheart” is merely an over-armed “Goyusha”, but the fact is that “Daiheart” has a doubled output when compared to “Goyusha”, because it absorbs Dimensional energy from the additional armament continuously. Moreover, it is installed with a combination-transformation mechanism, which allows “Daiheart” to become “Daiyusha” or “Great Daiyusha” more swiftly with reduced energy consumption.

No matter how much the Dimensional Robos are wounded and crushed, they shall never give up. As long as their ironclad bodies are filled with heated courage and justice, they can stand up again.

Dimensional Robos are…

A tentative name claimed by the mechanical lifeforms coming from another world. It is said that their actual names are constituted by enumeration of sounds that cannot be pronounced by organic life forms. The majority of their bodies are made of unknown material and mysterious technologies. By now, the technical power of Cray can only analyze 10-20% of their bodies. Many of them belong to a vigilante group in their original world, working to arrest the criminals who intervere dimensions, and they believe heavily that protecting Cray is also one of their missions.