This is Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion's evolved form, after it had incorporated the "Blood of the Dragon Emperor" into its body to forcefully unleash all the power slumbering within it. The Blood of the First Dragon Emperor is said to contain immeasurable strength, strength so powerful that the bearer is able to kill weaklings by just flaring up their aura. It is a forbidden treasure that burns out even the bearer's life in exchange for a temporary burst of incredible power. He drank the cursed blood, which everyone called a treasure but actually feared it, until the very last drop without any hesitation. For Vermillion, "Death" is unworthy of its fear. It only fears itself being defeated on the battlefield, and the loss of the Dragon Empire. The Dragon Emperor burns its own life, in order to pave the way to defeat the Blazing Lion, the Ancient Tear Dragon, and the unknown invader.

"Go forth, my brethren! Your swords and your fangs shall pierce through those who stand in our way!!!"