A vermilion colored Thunder Dragon which is said to have been born from a huge pillar of lightning. No one other than its lord can approach it. Because it is emitting lightning particles at all times, those who don't have resistance to lightning will be vaporized and turned into ash in just a flash. The vermillion colored dragon is always sharing the same checkered fate with its lord. It continued to search for its lord based on instinct only even if they were born in different places around the same time. Once found, it attacked its lord. However it was defeated swiftly but its lord granted the vermillion colored dragon its wish to serve it for its entire life. Even if it should fall halfway, it will always return to its lord's side by itself. The current lord of the vermillion colored dragon is the Crimson Dragon Emperor that controls over thunder. To the silly fools who spat on the Empire, it is not divine retribution that will strike them but a blood-red crimson lightning.