A "Narukami" Thunder Dragon that possess the title of "Eradicator." Even though it has the same origin as the Vermillion-coloured dragon, it doesn't look up towards an "individual" called the Lord, instead, it subjected itself to the "organization" known as the army. However, one must not misunderstood it. While it agrees to work as a team, it will only act according to its instincts and does not view its comrades around as "allies." If needed be, it will not hesitate to involve its comrades in its crossfire just so it can annihilate its enemies. Its neigh summons a rain, the downpour of destruction that burns the prairie and crushes the earth. If one is caught in the precipitate of thunder, he must avoid the even purgatory flames bursting all around him.

Who are the "Eradicators"?

A Special Force consisted of those who are especially loyal and faithful to the Dragon Empire, chosen from the ranks of the "Narukami" clan, one of the two major Military Wings of the Empire. As what the title literally means, the aim of the force is to "Eradicate" anyone who dares made an enemy out of the Empire. All are subjected to a special training so that they can make ruthless choices during their mission, no matter how peaceful one acts when they're off duty. In addition, only the upper echelons and those belonged to the "Eradicators" knows who are appointed to bear the title of "Eradicator."