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The guise of Vowing Sword Dragon with its existence warped by Link Joker, the incarnation of Void. It suffers from severe mental pollution that deforms its body, turning it into an ominous form. Since the thoughts of "Link Joker" are implanted into the depths of its consiousness, it is possessed by the urge to dominate, seal, and eradicate everything. Also, it is now able to use "Lock," the unique ability of the "Link Jokers." It holds both its own sword "First Blade of Thunder" (Ikazuchi Ichinoha) and "Arm of Exorcism" (Fukuma no Kaina), the demonic sword of void; its eyes are filled with insanity. The remnant of its past, as a loyal knight who vows to fight for the empire, no longer exists. If the infestion continues, it's only a matter of time before it would become the puppet of "Link Joker" completely. The dully shining black ring swings smoothly, as if it is ridiculing the pathetic prisoner engulfed by nullity.

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