A "Narukami" monk that controls the rue Samādhi Fire, a super high temperature fire that was released by converging the heat emitted by lightning. Because he has the ability to control both lightning and fire, he is a rare existence in which this circumstances he used to belonged to both "Kagero" and "Narukami". Although he had been fighting tactlessly as a mere warrior, but because of his high survivability and kill counts, he was granted the title of "Eradicator." The red lightning turns into flames in the blink of an eye and transform the battlefield into a scorching inferno. Be it flesh and blood or armor of steel, when faced with the fiery flames that makes even the god of fire trembles in fear, all will be devoured and burned equally with no discrimination.

Who are the "Eradicators"?

A Special Force consisted of those who are especially loyal and faithful to the Dragon Empire, chosen from the ranks of the "Narukami" clan, one of the two major Military Wings of the Empire. As what the title literally means, the aim of the force is to "Eradicate" anyone who dares made an enemy out of the Empire. All are subjected to a special training so that they can make ruthless choices during their mission, no matter how peaceful one acts when they're off duty. In addition, only the upper echelons and those belonged to the "Eradicators" knows who are appointed to bear the title of "Eradicator."