This is the form of the monstrous life form, "Cosmo Lord" after it had absorbed the frozen "Death Army K.P. (King Prototype)" into its body. "Death Army K.P." is a machine that was frozen indefinitely because too much emphasis was put into the development of the machine performance, rendering it impossible to be controlled. By absorbing this and donning its outer armour, "Cosmolord" had gained a power so mighty until its previous form pales in comparison when compared with its current form. However, its desire and greed doesn't stop here. Logic, intentions, ambition and even pride meant nothing to it right now. The Life Form of Emptiness, who had become the Invader of All Creations, will only follow its instincts, and continue to seek out the Strong Ones for eternity.

Who are the Death Armies?

The generic name for Mechanical Soldiers that were produced with the aim of creating an immortal warrior that will never be defeated. The machines are all completely controlled by A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), thus the buyers can participate in matches, without the need of the buyer to participate directly in it. Because of this, it is hugely popular within the wealthy people, and has contributed to the increase in participants in the Nova Grapple because the bar (Conditions to participate) has been lowered. However, there had been a lot of mysterious accidents and incidents revolving around the "Death Armies", such as the theft of the frozen prototype, etc... Because the many dark rumours about the manufacturer, this series is also very famous in the side behind the curtains.