An arrogant heavy swordsman who is the Assault Squad leader of the "Gold Paladin's" Red Lion Troop.
Previously he was the leader of a gang of rogues in a certain town, but he was completely defeated by Ezel, who visited said town by chance. Because he was impressed by Ezel's strength and prowess, he joined the Red Lion Troop and volunteers to fight for Ezel.
Because he had tasted defeat before, he doubles his efforts in his training. By wearing the armor and wields a sword that has gravity magic continuously active upon them, he continues to refine his own strength.
There is always a problem in his behaviour and conduct as his undulating emotions are always violent, sometimes he will ignore the instructions given by even the Chief of Staff. However, he does possess a knightly side where he swore total loyalty to Ezel and only Ezel, who is the Troop Leader.

Who are the Red Lion Troop?
One of the 7 troops in the Gold Paladins that uses the Seven Sacred Beasts, guardians of the United Sanctuary as a symbol. The Red Lion Troop main function is combat, and is where warriors that are specialized in offense belong.
Among the 7 troops, it has the most member that does not belong to a family of knights. And while most of its members are quick tempered, and tend to act arbitarily without thinking, it is reality that this troop has brought the most victories among the 7 troops in the Gold Paladin.
The members of this troop are either those who are saved, or defeated, or attracted for many different reasons by Ezel, who is currently the Troop Leader, thus their brotherly bonds transcends those of a master and retainer, and is stronger than the other troops in the Gold Paladin.