Monthly Bushiroad Short Novel (5th Issue 2014)

A handsome knight carrying a sacred harp and a sword of light. Due to having the appearance of a gentleman with manners, he attracts popularity and respect from his peers. Even more due to his appearance and manners, all the women in the country enviously have their eyes on him.     

Infinite Rebirth (20/01/2014)

Tristan is not a bird, according to Singaporean research

[1st April, YKS] An article on Great Nature, a scientific journal of Cray, suggested that Tristan, an extinct speciese considered as the ancestor of birds, is not avian at all.

Since the very first discovery of Tristan, this species is assumed to be the phylogenetic root of primordial birds, which in turns evolved into the modern birds. The basis of such assumption is the feathery parts on its shoulders as well as its wings. Some but only few scientists questioned the assumptions' ground for "it can be seen as non-avians". Without critical evidence, the theory that Tristan being the ancestor of extant birds is unshaken.

  • The shocking evidence coming from computer-assisted data analysis

Nevertheless, Team S.I.T. Genius of Singapore Institute of Technology found a determining evidence to refute the assumption: the fossil of a recently-discovered species.

Christopher Lo, while explaining the article, commented that "It's time to recognize that Tristan isn't a bird, but a human in constumes that resemble birds".

Note: This is obviously an April's Fool Joke. YKS is a pun on "やっぱり櫂くんはすごい(As expected, Kai-kun is marvellous)", a quote of Aichi famous among Japanese fans. Great Nature as the title of scientific journal is of course of Nature, the interdiscplinary scientific jounal.