One of the Floral Musketeers that is born from the Lily of the Valley flowers. Because her Plant Factor is thin, she is not good at tranforming into a tree, which is among a Bioroid's unique abilities. In place, her muscular structure is well developed, and with agile movements, she is good at toying with her enemies using her "Ninja-esque" fighting style to put her enemies at her mercy. Her fondness for a particular item is very strong, and she is the only one who prefers to use a modified musket, a weapon that no Musketeers are using at present. It is a magical musket that fires magical bullets that changes its efficacy according to the quality of the user's mana. One wonders what powers will emerge from her heart.

Who are the "Musketeers"?

The expert Bioroids that serve only the Guardian Dragon and Lord of the green country, "Neo Nectar." Their body composition is closer to plants compared to any other Bioroids, and they can fight by extending ivy and vines from their bodies. As a sign of loyalty, they entrusted their "Heart Flower", the core of the Bioroids to their Lord, and swore to risk their lives, continue to fight for their Lord as long as they live.