He is the sage of the knightly order, returned as a member of the Gold Knightly Order with new comrades. After the journey with "Blaster Blade", the young apprentice has developed greatly and become a respectable sage who is the object of other's envy. Although he could not find his teacher during the journey, he keeps being optimistic about it, likely he has found something bigger. Upon his return with the title "Liberator", he proclaimed himself the quite dishonorable title when he was a mere apprentice. Even though being weak and small, one can overcome powerful foes by combining their minds and power. Probably to remind himself not to become "a powerful loner", he calls himself "Little Liberator" even today.

Lore from Monthly Bushiroad

He is a Liberator of the Gold Paladins, the Second Regular Army of the United Sanctuary. He is a boy of the Giant race who aimed to become a great sage. In the world where "Blaster Blade" was lost, he acted as an advisor of the troop led by "Percival". He initially didn't suspect the current situation, but individuals with close relationships with "Blaster Blade" like "Wingal" and this young sage developed an inexplicable sense of loss gradually. At the moment they noticed the cataclysm of the history, the world would face another great change.

Who are the Liberators?

The general term for those who had been chosen from the Second Regular Army of the United Sanctuary "Gold Paladin", entrusted with the mission to protect the nation and planet by His Majesty, the King of Knights himself.
They were given the title of "Liberator", which carries the meaning of liberating everything from the clutches of evil. Those who bore the title was also referred as the Guide into this new era.
While it is mostly consists of young warriors from the "Gold Paladin", there are also some veteran warriors from the "Royal Paladin" who were appointed to bear the title.