A machine Insect that was modified by a scientist. Said to be the crowning achievement of all machine insects, it could be easily said that the other machine insects are mass-produced cannon fodder that exist to serve him. Its “Insect Railgun” is said to use the energy of Machining Insects moving to fuel itself, giving this electromagnetic gun tremendous firepower, which makes its threat as a weapon of mass destruction proportional to how much fuel it has.

Machining Insect is…

The generic term for mechanical insects created by the scientists of the criminal organization Megacolony by enhancing and improving their fellow insects through super science. Many of those who have been subjected to the surgical enhancements have had their destructive tendencies amplified, and many are recorded to have far more aggressive and destructive personalities than before. Because the research subjects after the first batch are heavily controlled and monitored, what kind of research and studies are done now are completely unknown.