A super-ancient mobile weapon that was unearthed near the slumber place of the Silver Wolf Armour. It is a metallic lifeform that possessed a will and is able to operate autonomously. However, in order to utilize its true power, it will need "The Chosen One" to operate it. It suddenly appeared several thousand years ago, when the United Sanctuary was threatened by the forces of the Dragon Empire, and it lent its power to the outnumbered knights back then. After that, it followed and fought alongside the first Silver Wolf Warrior, who opened negotiation and peace talks on Cray for the first time. Following the death of its master, it slumbers alongside the armour at the same place.
Now, its new master, the Great Silver Wolf is faced with another impending crisis. The War God's sword, which was once swung to protect the peace and order of the Sanctuary, will transcend through time and bare its fangs once again.