He is one of the "Metalborgs", the battle group established from the dislike towards the "Dimensional Robos"'s way of fighting and the determination to fight for and protect the nation in place of the Dimensional Robos. Its body is enchanced from the heavy machine called "road roller". He was originally a grappler who managed to enter Nova Grapple, and had been fighting every day using a different battle-suited body. However, upon knowing that his hometown was ravaged in a great war, he canceled all matches in his haste and returned to his hometown. To restore his devastated hometown as soon as possible, he retired as a grappler and changed his body into a heavy-machine based one. Despite being a ruffian who speaks and acts in rough ways, he cares for his comrades deeply. He never sheds tears for himself, no matter how much damage he suffers, and he only sheds tears for his injured comrades. The rough man with a gentle heart abandons his days of battles, and chooses the path to save his hometown. All who dare to harm his comrades are meant to be diced and smashed by his favorite rollers.