The vice captain of the Special Medical Team "Lapis Lazuli Celestial" whose members are marked by their blue wings. She is one of the top angels with huge wings, four times greater than her height when fully spread out. Being a strict and intelligent woman respecting orderness, her thoughts of saving patients on the battlefield and her indignation towards the merciless and destructive enemies are extraordinary, even among the Celestials. She admires the captain, who is slightly carefree but is very charismatic. As a result, she is initiative to monitor the tension of the team.

Her magical tool "Divine Scissors" cut down the harbingers of sins and evilness. What is given to the cunning warmongers is a hard-hitting impact namely "Love".

The Lapis Lazuli Celestials are...

A Special Medical Team in "Angel Feather" whose members are deeply committed to their work and must have the skills to match that commitment. Those that pass the aptitude test and want to be assigned must discard their old wings during their baptism by the Archangels, gaining new "Lapis Lazuli Wings". They are sometimes known as the "Reckless Saviors" due to their intense sense of duty that is both inspiring and terrifying.