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The guardian Dragon who helped to build the Grand Sanctuary, a land where human and dragons used to live together, side by side. He was the "White Dragon King" written of in legend. He was a rare enlightened monarch supported by many people, having reigned so long that almost no one can compare in the annals of history. However, after a thousand years since he ascended to the throne, there was an ambitious child born from the Dragon Tribe who pushed his kingdom towards collapse. The relationship between the humans and dragons quickly disintegrated, leading to a civil war, splitting the country in two. The dragon tribes and a sparing group of humans that were good at fighting took most of the land, but the remaining people of the Sanctuary, disinterested in fighting, retreated to the West. He risked his life over and over to save the Sanctuary and its people, but in the end it cost him his body, knowing this, the next generation of Guardian Dragons, his descendants, were entrusted with his power and his blade. The soul of the virtuous ruler, The White Dragon King, will never be destroyed. As long as his blood and his will are carried down, he will...