Onslaught of Dragon Souls (13/05/2011)

  • A Flame Dragon with power so terrifying that its power had to be sealed away. Even with the holy seals of cloth wrapping his entire body, he continues to fight on the forefront of the Battlefield and is a veteran of warfare. His "Vanishing Field" allows him to release his true power for a brief moment, but because no one has ever seen what lies at the heart of the maelstrom of destruction, the truth of what actually happens is completely unknown.

Seal Dragons Unleashed (26/04/2013)

  • A dragon warrior of "Kagero" who obtained incredible power, but because of it, had that power sealed away. It should be noted that his entire body is wrapped up in sacred sealing clothes that block his power, but he remains proud of that power, continuing to fight on the battlefield to make sure he can use it. He has learned an incredible skill called "Vanishing Field", that temporarily breaks the seal put upon him by unleashing the magical power pooled up inside him. Since everything around him is consumed in a storm-like vortex of flames when he uses this ability, it's said that those who catch sight of him breaking the seal don't survive. Although he is absolutely, unconditionally loyal to the Empire and Emperor, he harms everything he cares for due to the incredible power he can't hold back. He contently accepts the disgrace of his power being sealed, it is a punishment for himself, due to his inexperience of controlling his own power.

The Seal Dragons

The generic term for the dragons who have been sealed and imprisoned by the direct order of the Emperor for various reasons. The degree and means of sealing are different than that of Dungaree. They are housed and imprisoned in a vast prison deep underground called the "Magma Prison", under direct supervision, with twice as many locks and seals as normal criminals. However, in order to counter the invasion of "Link Joker", several warriors were discharged from the prison temporarily and allowed to fight, with some of their seals weakened. As well, the stage of the seal is different which each convict.