He is a prideful knight who had inherited the blood of the elf nobles and is also a battle scarred veteran who had stormed through countless battlefields with his prized steed. His loyalty rivals even that of "Blaster Blade" who is the confidant of the King of Knights. When the King of Knights had called for aid from the veteran knights in order to strengthen the foundation of the "Gold Paladins", which was announced to be the second regular army of the United Sanctuary, he answered the call faster than anyone else. The morale of the army recovered along with the Hero's return; what's awaiting ahead of them are a new title and new companions. The Solitary Knight had unawarely become not solitary and freed from his solitude. That might be the reason why, the King of Knights has bestowed upon him the title of "Solitary Liberator".

Who are the Liberators?

The general term for those who had been chosen from the Second Regular Army of the United Sanctuary "Gold Paladin", entrusted with the mission to protect the nation and planet from His Majesty, the King of Knights himself.
They were given the title of "Liberator", which carries the meaning of liberating everything from the clutches of evil. Those who bore the title were also referred to as the Guide into the new era.
While it mostly consists of young warriors from the "Gold Paladin", there are also some veteran warriors from the "Royal Paladin" who were appointed to bear the title.