The King of Empty Shadows, a masterpiece created by Phantom Blaster Dragon to slaughter King of Knights, Alfred and the Royal Paladins. He is the symbol to make the "Shadow Paladins" be the "Shadow Paladins", and is an absolute existence that all Shadow Paladin members will follow other than Phantom Blaster Dragon. His skills with the sword surpasses even that of a swordsman, his knowledge transcends even that of a sage. He is a peerless warrior who possesses all the powers needed to rival the King of Knights. Even though he always appears to be emotionless and his gaze is always empty, it is said he holds intense hatred for his original, the King of Knights. Gazing upon the horizon of the United Sanctuary, the King of Empty Shadows declares "There can only be one king! Kill that man, and we shall become the supreme rulers of United Sanctuary!!!".