A Floral Musketeer that was born from a red tulip and controls over the tree spirits. Because she was blessed with the talent of enslavement magic, and is able to not only summon and command over lower class dryads, but also interacts with deitified spirits who rarely appears in the physical world, so most of the time she is often assigned to non-combat positions. Since she is a Musketeer, she of course possesses high combat abilities, but because she possesses rare, valuable and unique special powers, the other musketeers are cautioned not to involve her at the front lines unless it is deemed necessary.

Who are the "Musketeers"?

The expert Bioroids that serve only the Guardian Dragon and Lord of the green country, "Neo Nectar." Their body composition is closer to plants compared to any other Bioroids, and they can fight by extending ivy and vines from their bodies. As a sign of loyalty, they entrusted their "Heart Flower", the core of Bioroids, to their Lord, and swore to risk their lives, continuing to fight for their Lord as long as they live.