This is Azure Dragon's form after it underwent over a thousand battles, enhancements, and modifications, until it had become a "Beast Deity" that surpassed all other "Beast Deities"; an Ultra Beast Deity. Having gone through harsh battles day by day, countless wounds and a vast amount of battle experience have been carved into its body and mind. Not only has it grown stronger physically, its spirit has also grown stronger, as if it were an organic lifeform. This form has attracted many other "Beast Deities" that did not belong in the "Beast Deity Army" to join under its banner. The Golden Dragon descends upon the ring accompanied by countless beasts. Its fierce yet divine roar signaled the beasts to bare their fangs, sharpen their claws, and brandish their spirits as they raise a roar and tear both heaven and earth asunder!

Who are the Beast Deities?

"Beast Deities" is a general term for beast and dragon-modelled mechanical soldiers that took part in the Nova Grapple in recent years. Their manufacturer is unknown.

They have only 2 common points:

1) The mechanical soldiers voluntarily named themselves "Beast Deities,"

2) Their objective is to participate and win in the Nova Grapple.

While there is no significant difference in their performance compared to the other Battleroids, their leader, a Dragon-like machine, boasts exceptional performance in battle. The audience is reduced to single words as they are awed by the dazzling, brilliant and spectacular cooperation between each unit under the leadership of the dragon-like machine.