It is a "Gear Beast", a demi-organism with the soul of an organism residing in an inorganic body. It seemed to be an ordinary cat in the past, and it worked with "Jusil" before and after being a Gear Beast. Its habitual behaviour is curling round and sleeping in Jusil's hat, and occasionally it shows up only with its face from the hat at whim. Although its appearance resembles that of a tiny kitten, it is surprisingly heavy (according to Jusil).

Does a Gearcat dream of being a Gear Dragon?

An ancient ruin located in "Dark Zone". Beneath the ruin, occupied by "Gear Chronicle" as their headquarters, there was a Gear Dragon. The dragon was surrounded by several humanoids in the dim room.

"Jusil, come here."


The Gearoid girl, whom the dragon's voice mentioned, walked towards the dragon and knelt to the dragon solemnly.

"Now, I ask you to carry out an important mission."

---Several hours later.

Under the order from the dragon, the leader of Gear Chronicle, the members of the clan departed towards other lands of Cray. Jusil, though acting slightly later than other members, got on the Time-Engine-equipped spatial teleporter. Her mission was to collect fauna and flora of the green nation "Zoo".

"Let me see~ 'it's just better to collect colourful and cutely flying things'...", the girl showed a strange face while she was reading the mission text, "is this mission really alright~?"


"Wow~ you slept here again, didn't you~"

Watching Gear Cat, who slept on her favourite typewriter, Jusil sighed and walked near the sleeping cat.

"Hey, get up get up~"

As Jusil shook Gear Cat's tiny body, the cat woke up with sleepy eyes.

"What's meow~"

"Not what's meow~! Didn't I always tell you, don't treat my typewriter as your bed! You are so heavy, and you'd break my typewriter. After all..."

Neglecting over half of the girl's complaint, Gear Cat turned its big eyes to the girl and asked her openly.

"Uuuu-meow... and Jusil, what is the mission?"

Gear Cat, with a face that none would think it had just woke up.

Jusil, with facial expressions that wrote "shocked".

And---a butterfly lost its way and flew into the room.