One of the Floral squires that serves as the Swordsmanship mentor to the lower ranked Floral Musketeers. She is a master of rapiers and emphasized on defense, rather than offense in her fighting style. This is evident as she doesn't aggressively stab or thrust her enemies willingly, she rather wait for a chance of victory when parrying her enemy's attacks. While she doesn't hold any fancy achievements, since her solid and steady battling style is easy to arrange, they are incorporated into the trainings of lower ranked Musketeers who are not allowed a real sword. She is endeared and coveted by her juniors by being a kind while strict mentor. This living style lives up to her flower theme of "Water Lily", which flower language is "Kindness" and "Trustworthy".

Who are the "Musketeers"?

The expert Bioroids that serve only the Guardian Dragon and Lord of the green country, "Neo Nectar." Their body composition is closer to plants compared to any other Bioroids, and they can fight by extending ivy and vines from their bodies. As a sign of loyalty, they entrusted their "Heart Flower", the core of Bioroids, to their Lord, and swore to risk their lives, continuing to fight for their Lord as long as they live.