A knight whose clan is blessed by the holy guardian dragon, Soul Saver Dragon. Because there is practically no record of him appearing in lore or history books, his very existence is in doubt, and he is considered to be just a myth or legend. It is said he dwells deep within the ruins of United Sanctuary , protecting the gates to the other realm where his patron dragon dwells, and has done so for countless generations. When the guardian dragon spirit became anxious and concerned about the current state of Sanctuary, it decided to give aid to the Royal Paladins, sending Pendragon, who didn't hesitate for a second to join under the fold of the King of Knights, vowing to fight by the king's side. The power of the White Dragon King is handed down and controlled by both humans and dragons, Pendragon now holds both the ancient king's sword and that legendary power, having inherited them, and uses them to destroy all who would do nothing but bring harm and ruin.