The chief of the knights of the "Gold Paladins'" White Rabbit Corps. While he's chiefly responsible for a group that handles Intel and Recon, etc, his own fighting strength is pretty strong with his two majestic "Aura Sabers" . It is said he is the only Paladin who can handle the quirky one-of-a-kind equipment, "Aura Booster", that offers explosive speed and superhuman jumping power. When a sacrifice is made,the booster allows Pellinore to run from the rearguard to the frontlines with mindboggling speed in an instant. However, it produces extreme strain on the allies, so long-term use is highly unrecommended. When in a dilemma, he can power up with his allies with his Special Technique, the "Moonlight Energy Raise". His long golden rabbit-esque ears allow him to hear peoples' voices. Until peace of mind comes to those voices he hears, "The White Hare in the Moon's Shadow" will continue to run across heaven and earth to help those in need.