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Taken from an official source:

  • Question
    If there are no Quantum Magicians present in the soul at the End Phase, then that part of the effect is not applied, but then the card that was used to take it out is still to be placed in the Soul, correct?
    - Quantum Magician uses skill to take out Golden Beast Tamer.
    - Golden Beast Tamer's Soul Blast 3 is used on the only Quantum Magician in the Soul (along with 2 other random units)
    • Answer
      Yes, that is exactly the case.
      In your scenario,
      - "Magician of Quantum Mechanics" ability is activated, sent to the soul and "Golden Beast Tamer" is called.
      - Soul blast 3(1 of them is "Magician of Quantum Mechanics"), and the unit loses 'restraint'.
      - During end phase, "Golden Beast Tamer" will have to be sent back into the soul.
      - As "Magician of Quantum Mechanics" is no longer in the soul, the resolution will fail at this point and nothing else occurs.
  • Question
    If the unit called is not in the Rearguard Circle at the End Phase, due to the wording of the card saying (translated) "...Place that called unit to the Soul...", does that mean wherever the card is, it must be returned to the Soul?
    - Quantum Magician uses skill to take out Midnight Bunny.
    - Nightmare Doll, Alice is called on top of the Midnight Bunny and is then have to be sent to the Drop Zone.
    • Answer
      No. If the unit is put in another zone during the turn, it is treated as a different unit and loses the ability.
      In your scenario,
      - "Magician of Quantum Mechanics" ability is activated and "Midnight Bunny" is called to the field.
      - "Nightmare Doll, Alice" is called on top of "Midnight Bunny" and "Midnight Bunny" retires to the drop zone. At this point, it is treated as a different unit as it is now in a different zone, and any abilities gained are reset/lost.
      - As such, "Midnight Bunny" will not be sent to the soul, and "Magician of Quantum Mechanics" cannot be called back to the field.
  • If the unit that was called through this card's skill was removed from the field and then later returned via a skill like that of Purple Trapezist then that unit is not returned to the Soul and Quantum Magician is not called from the Soul.