• When using this card's skill in conjunction with that of ie. "Pencil Squire, Hammsuke" or "School Hunter, Leo-pald" it is possible to unflip the Counterblast used for that card's skill as both abilities are resolved in the same check timing(end phase) so the turn player may choose the order of abilities to resolve..
    • an example featuring "School Hunter, Leo-pald":
      Order of resolution:
      - The unit which received +4000/retire and Flamingo's ability is sent to the drop zone.
      - Since both abilities are now in effect at the same timing,turn player may choose the order to resolve.
      - In this case, we resolve Leo-pald's ability first to take advantage of Flamingo's ability, and counter blast 1 to send the unit back to the rear-guard.
      - Next, we resolve Flamingo's skill and that counter blast is turned face up in the damage zone.