• Do note that trigger effects that don't select your unit can't be multiplied by Ultima's skill:
    • You will only draw one card if you check a draw trigger.
    • You will only heal one damage if you check a heal trigger.
      • Though, the [Power]+5000 or [Power]+10000 effect will be applied to all of your units.
    • Front triggers will only give [Power]+10000 to your front row, as the front trigger effect does not cause you to choose units.
  • Do note that stand trigger DOES NOT stand your vanguard, so you can't restand Ultima even if you check a stand trigger.
  • If the opponent's vanguard is Planetary Corpse King, Brandt, Ultima's skill of giving all trigger effects to all of your units is still applied.
    • In the case that you check a draw trigger, all of your units are retired, including this unit.
      • In such a case, this unit returns to the G zone, and all of your cards in your G zone will be excluded from the game, leaving your heart, which will now be your vanguard.