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Sleeves are protective plastic covers used to prevent cards from getting bent or scratched. If a player uses sleeves, they must all be the same (including on the first vanguard) so their cards aren't marked. However, G units do not need to have the same sleeves as the cards in the main deck, which is recommended to differentiate them.


  • Sleeve pack contains from 53, 60, to 70 copies of size 89x62mm (mini).
  • Display contains 12 packs and a carton contains 6 displays.
  • Volume pack costs 500 yen (roughly 4 Dollars, tax included).
  • Limited edition costs 700 yen (roughly 6 dollars).
  • Extra edition costs 800 yen.

Volume Pack

Gold Trigger Campaign/Get! Treasure Campaign

Extra Pack

Sleeve & Deck Holder Set

Monthly Bushiroad Special Sleeve Collection

Tournament Edition

Limited Pack


English Exclusive

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